‘The Tyranny of the Moment’ deals with some of the most perplexing Thomas Eriksen argues that slow time – private periods where we are able to think and. Tyranny of the Moment: Fast and Slow Time in the Information Age Thomas Eriksen argues that slow time – private periods where we are able to think and. Eriksen (Tyr) 01 chaps 20/6/01 pm Page 1 From Thomas Hylland Eriksen: “ Tyranny of the Moment: Fast and Slow Time in the Information Age. London.

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Instead of entering into a com- plicated discussion about periodisation — when did modern society or modern culture begin? Second, the clock synchronises everybody who has been brought within its charmed circle. Showing of 2 reviews. Interestingly, the Scottish commentator draws comparisons of the same kind tyranhy those commonly used today when a new, accel- erating technology is introduced: But for many years, people dressed up in order to go to tyanny photographers; in some towns, the outfitters were strategically located next door to the photographer; and afterwards, one waited a good while to see the result.

Everything seems to move faster and faster.

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Other tasks are waiting. Ethnic Groups and Boundaries Today.

The point is no longer to attend as many lectures as possible, see as many films as one can, have as many books as possible on the shelves. I guess this means more intense working? The internet and new style dramas Dynasty stand still at enormous speed — the web is not hierachical and new dramas despite the cliffhangers do not generally progress — you can pick up the narrative thread after being away for several episodes. Tweets and the Streets. Second, notes freeze music, just as history freezes myths and clock time fixes the variable flow of time.

Tyranny of the Moment (A Summary/ Notes) ~ ReviseSociologyReviseSociology

After the Second World War, the Polaroid camera was introduced, which automatically developed pictures in a minute; and, somewhat later, the first chains that promised to develop your film in an hour were established. Dominique Dubosc dir’Palestine, Palestine’ Review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.


Hybridity and blurred boundaries are the norm.

In order to understand their own time and their personal situation, and in order to be able do something about it. The first printing shop in England was founded by William Caxton in Eriksen states that “the bipolar world has been replaced with a unipolar world.

Naturally, our kind of society would have been unthinkable without this technology.

This surprising and original book argues that slow time is a main scarce resource in the information age. Here is a good summary from Eriksen of his thoughts on the movement from concrete to abstract: The free availability of ideas simultaneously implies that many of them compete for the free spaces in our heads, leading to confusion and uncertain identities.

And it is all shared by a man who sees the challenges ahead, but has managed to keep his sense of humor. Eriksen points to information as the engine that has driven humankind to this point in history: Apart from its possible effects on thought and reasoning, the introduction of the typewriter revolutionised the production of mokent in a matter of a short time.

We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility.

Skimread Acceleration is at the heart of the last years of cultural history — Writing lasted years, the printing presswhile radio only had a few decades of dominance before the TV. It is viable to scan titles, summaries and tables of contents into the brain, but continuous texts? There are eight consequences of acceleration which are unique to post-modernity: Whether one is in Canberra or in Kanpur, a dollar, an hour and a news headline mean pretty much the same.

In the s, abandoned relatives in Europe might even get a return letter from Minnesota in a mere three weeks, with a bit of luck.


There is no necessary connection between the duration of the act of cooking and quality meaning good taste or nutritional value in food.

All of this may sound pretty dire, but the thing I most enjoyed about Eriksen’s approach to the subject is his relentless optimism. Seven — Gains and losses tend to equal each other out… For example — Although computer processor power doubles every 18 months, so does the complexity of the software.

The answers are to do with too much complexity of the wrong kind and the increased rate of turnover in the rhythm of change. The tidal waves of information fragments typical of our kind of society stimulate a style of thought that is less reminiscent of the strict, logical, linear thinking characteristic of industrial society than of the freely associating, poetical, metaphorical thinking that characterised many non modern societies.

Since there is no vacant time to spread information in, it gets compressed erisken stacked in time spans which become shorter and shorter.

Tyranny of the Moment

Although the telegraph was an invention with enormous consequences, the Internet signifies more than a mere footnote to Marconi. But it is contagious, and it has possibly serious side-effects. R Tolkien kind, or at recently founded space colonies in the Andromeda region or on the moon, or else in the no less marvellous universe of natural science and technology. A modern myth tells of a man who had invented a sensational new weapon, an instrument which killed nobody, destroyed no buildings or even windows; all it did was to destroy paper.

One of his special fields of interest is the military.