Jan 20, A different kind of book is Shereshevsky’s ‘Endgame Strategy’, one will not learn the basics from this book at all; it has more to do with transitions from the . Shereshevsky – Endgame Strategy, pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Endgame Strategy has 39 ratings and 3 reviews. Robert said: To provide to soviet masters a good reference book about all the endgames, GM Yuri Averbakh .

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Saturday, 28 April Definitive list of ‘must-have’ chess books.

Yingjie Gu rated it it was amazing May 04, Books by Mikhail Shereshevsky. I’ve heard nothing but praise for that book.

Endgame Strategy By Mikhail Shereshevsky

Richard rated it really liked it Jan 04, Of course, Fischer’s ” My 60 Memorable Games ” remains a ‘must-have’ book, but I’d be more tempted by Kasparov’s five volume series on ” My Great Predecessors ” start with part 5 on Strqtegy and Karpov. Aug 28, 1. Mate in 13 for White MathsMaths0 16 min ago.

Maybe this is because he is a trainer more than a practical player. Aug 29, 6. Chris rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Nirmal rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Tarun Basu rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Thus, the book is not really covering extremely simplified positions where calculation and knowledge are key, but rather more complex positions where understanding and positional judgement are the most important factors, yet the game no longer has the “middlegame character”.

BEST endgame strategt I know of. Aug 09, Gabriel Victor added it. Chess Tales by Roger Coathup: I much prefer Pachman’s book which you also mention. Here it is, the definitive list of the ‘must-have’ chess books. At the time I sherrshevsky it was a pretty good game and it stratevy that the book had some influence on me. There is a particular emphasis on the battle between knight and bishop.

Mikhail Shereshevsky’s Endgame Strategy

Timman’s ” Art of Chess Endga,e ” is similar to Nunn but covers great games from the 70’s’; Chernev’s ” The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played ” is a fabulous collection of well-chosen games, but I found the sheeshevsky annoying.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That said, I’ve already got Silman’s book and it leaves me cold. It gets so many rave reviews but his style of writing really puts me off. Lindsay Went rated it liked it Oct 16, In any case, in I decided I could benefit from this book, and started looking at it more seriously. Some time around then I played the following game with a tough, queenless middlegame.

Endgame Strategy

Newer Post Older Post Home. Averbakh’s handbook covers all the basic endgame theory that every chess player should know and it’s amazing how many don’t ; essential Many players will have already seen those games.

Eric Miettinen rated it it was amazing Jul 28, The ‘And Because’ Category Whilst the above books will all help your chess, this final category of books are in because I think it’s important to know about the history of the game, in particular the Cold War politics, indoctrinated mindsets and repression that chess has been instrincally linked to: Published April 1st by Everyman Chess first published For a guide to strategic endgame concepts and practical play then Shereshevsky is your man.

With chess, exact knowledge is only valuable in openings and theoretical endgames.

Chess Tales: Definitive list of ‘must-have’ chess books

Games Collections ” Zurich International Chess Tournament ” by David Bronstein ” Understanding Chess Move by Move ” by John Nunn Bronstein’s work on the Candidates tournament was the first book on to my list, and if you are only allowed one book on a desert island, this is the one to take. The aim of this book is to improve a player’s “class” in the endgame – to fine-tune his judgment of positions, to introduce him to common methods, and to teach strategy.

Chess Tales ‘Must-Have’ Books I’m conscious the list is missing a pure tactics book find the winning combination ; any suggestions from Chess Tales readers welcome. Get paid for your great content. Having always been a fan of endgame play, I was always on the look out for books devoted to the subject. This task was way way harder than I first imagined, and has also made me realise I have some ‘catch-up’ reading to do. Caleb Taylor rated it really liked it Apr 01, Scott rated it really liked it Dec 16, It is not a book of endgame theory, but rather is a manual of how to play complex endings, or even – you could say -queenless middlegames.


Thanks for the suggestions. Sure, you can analyze the position for yourself and learn from that, but often you will want nedgame hear what the author would say about some other possibility.

This was the most difficult category, as I’ve read few of the great middlegame books. Preview — Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shereshevsky.

To ask other readers questions about Endgame Strategyplease sign up. Few endgame texts covered topics in detail such as the famous advice “Do not hurry” or the idea of schematic thinking though GM Jacob Aagaard does an excellent job in passing the baton to readers in his “Excelling at Technical Chess”.

By using archetypal examples of various kinds of endings, the author is trying to let the reader understand better the general battle lines. There are examples of opposite-colored bishops, rook and pawn endings, positions with each side having a minor piece and lots of pawns, heavy piece endings, and positions which are basically queenless middlegames, with all other pieces on the board and an intact pawn structure.

Reuben Fine’s ” The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings ” nearly made it onto the list as a general guide, but apparently many of the variations are now too dated. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Also ” Karpov – Korchnoi ” by Keene covers a fascinating match; ” The Soviet School of Chess ” by Kotov and Yudovich is incredible propaganda; Nimzovich’s ” Karpov – Korchnoi ” is wonderful from a historical point of view.