This is what it feels like when you’ve achieved emotional freedom. National bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff invites you to take a remarkable journey. Judith Orloff, M.D. is a psychiatrist, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, and leads workshops on intuition, energy, and medicine. She thinks. Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff Empath by Judy Dyer The Complete Empath Toolkit by Michael R. Smith To the Survivors by Robert Uttaro Journey Into.

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Dec 28, Pages. Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better.

Oct 30, Denise Agnew rated it it was amazing. What if your life were filled with nurturing relationships and a warm sense of belonging? She’s sooooo cool, and Californian. Suffering can quicken your capacity to awaken, and so to heal. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: Refresh and try again. Read it Forward Read it first. Feb 27, Zell rated it it was amazing.

The survival guide to emotional vampires is pretty good, but this is vreedom a very deep book. My feeling toward the book was that I found it “interesting” and I thought ah well why not?

This is NOT air-fairy stuff. Orloff actually not know there are many, many people who have no feelings of jealousy or envy?

Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff | : Books

This is one of those self-help books that you find wisdom in but you can’t help wrinkling up your nose a little at the slightly self-congratulatory tone the author exudes sometimes at her own brilliant thought. First, many people don’t remember their dreams. Kirsten Potter does a fabulous job reading the book. This book is perfect for those who are aware of how their emotions are doing and realize the need for change in their emotional aspect.


It’s healthy to cry. It is a self-help book, and doesn’t travel any new territory. Synthesizing neuroscience, intuitive medicine, psychological and subtle energy techniquesDr. I enjoyed the idea behind the book and found it to be enlightening. Judy applies the full suite of new age woo-woo concepts to the care and feeding of the human psyche.

Judith Orloff, M.D. | Emotional Freedom | Brain Sync

Not that it didn’t have a lot of interesting information in it, as well as fun little personality type tests, that one often finds in women’s magazines. The audio is about 15 hrs. Okay, here’s chapter one: That was one of my biggest problems with Emotional Freedom –it seemed to be written by a woman who herself did not know emotional freedom.

Waste of money in my opinion. True emotional freedom is closer than you think. Too many unnecessary stories about her life killed the enjoyment of reading this book. But then, I don’t watch daytime television. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: This book didn’t really tell me anything spiritually enlightening. This was before the recent spate of books about introverts, and as greedom introvert I was thrilled with the discovery there was another person who had not only recognized demon energy suckers but had figured out ways to deal with them.


Orloff shows you how to achieve a lightness of being and feel more positive and peaceful. This all sounds emotionap new-agey and silly to some, I’m sure, but whatever works! That’s the direction to freedom. Mar 03, Pages Buy.

She includes a 3-minute mini meditation in her book that people can use at a party, for example, if they are feeling anxious: Imagine being unflappable and relaxed when your supervisor loses her temper.

Positive Energy, her last book, was a lot more focused and helpful.

Emotional Freedom Description

No matter how stressed you currently feel, the time for positive change is now. It’s like I found all the answers i need in this book!

I thought that was absolutely wild for a medical doctor to claim such a thing. Good follow up to “mindset”. For those who call themselves that often strike me as not being so attuned to the feelings of others, as ofloff believe, but actually more attuned to their own feelings of past pain and of not being understood. Finally, third, most psychologists to I think that overcoming negativity is hard work.

Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. And she also reveals a lot of personal information which helps to understand things like anger and fear.