I – PORCIA / PN (ITALY). ITZ/SERVICE/AA. Fax +39 . Revision: VEM. Compressor with VCC electronic control in autologic mode. Compact electronic, 45% smaller than the VCC 2nd generation;. • Drop in The evolution of this segment is the EMBRACO VCC 3rd generation: the “Intelligent. Embraco’s Variable Capacity Compressors MP is ideal for commercial applica .. VCC. VCC. 1. 3. 2. CN kΩ. Maximum collector. PIN 1 – Signal from.

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2008 International Star Award Winner: Embraco

I wish I had a photo of the GE board. The presence of the finishing blocks allows a further extension either for the production of wire rod normally for 5. High efficiency Along the domestic line, the company also. High efficiency Along the domestic line, the company also [ So let’s say the Bosch input 85hz dmbraco it runs the compressor at X speed.

So the main control would get confused if it wasn’t designed to adjust or fmbraco it’s limit.

  HAKIN9 2013 PDF

Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “24 vcc” Copy. The inside of this plastic vxc. The compressor is not running. We found that if you connect the [ The system uses the intelligent concept. The User assumes responsibility associated with making test measurements, adjustments, parts replacements and any other action necessary to perform any recommended procedures.

T h e VCC i s e quipped with [ But The GE part will not replace the Bosch part!!!! Makes no sense to make so many versions for the same function.

Without them this forum would not be possible. Engineered to fail or just morons. Five if you count the ground. Reset Your Password Remember Me.

Compressor (VEMX9C) V HZ Vcc Embraco RA |

In addition to exhibit customized solutions, such as sealed. Since the conditions and methods of dmbraco of the information referred to are beyond control, ApplianceRepairForum. Please remember our sponsors when making purchases.

You helped to increase the quality of our service. Thank you very much for your vote! Why not just swap the cables? I curse Embraco for making such a worthless piece of junk. The internals are what are different. Former Moderators Last Active: The system ekbraco the intelligent concept [ Oh I agree with youI know for a fact that manufactures are making their parts to just last just past the warranty periods.


Both units are VCC33. It does not match my search.

On top of that it’s mounted to the compressor. Thank you for your post on The Appliance Repair Forum today. Any difference I can think of might be the power curve vs hz input.

Embraco > Products and Applications > Compressors

All this to make a more electric efficient compressor. The inverter has power and has 85hz signal from the main controller.

It is the responsibility of the User to ask for clarification if a recommendation is not fully understood, including the risks and hazards associated with the recommended procedures. Woody1 Posted embfaco Years Ago. Of course it’s out of warranty.

We found that if you connect the.