Electus provides a diversified range of electronic components, hardware, enclosures, power delivery, storeage & conversion products, tools & test equipment. Q: CATALOGUE: Does Electus have a Catalogue? Bi-monthly flyers are Q: MOQ’s: Are there Minimum Order Quantities for any Electus Products? A: There are. ELECTUS Distribution has released its latest wholesale components catalogue, containing over products.

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Circuit Breakers, Current Limiting. Cookies were implemented to allow user-side customisation of Web information.

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What if I dont have a credit account? Please refer to your browser documentation to enable cookies. Catalogud, Binary to Decimal. Converters, DC to DC.

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Detailed pricing and quantity discount information is included for all items. Please use our password recovery option catslogue the website which will send a password reset link to your account email.

All material on this site is subject to copyright.

Use the non-abbreviated form. No part of this material may be reproduced, translated, transmitted, framed or stored in a retrieval system for public or private use without the written permission of the publisher. National Manufacturing Week Too many results A: Please try another search keyword.

Owned and operated by Prime Creative Media, Ferret. Power Supplies, Inverters, Phase. Transistors, Bipolar, Surface Mount. If, for example, you’ve typed ‘doide’ instead of ‘diode’, the search engine will not find it. Please refer to your browser documentation to enable cookies Back to top. The catalogue also includes a sheet of pre-printed, self-adhesive labels that can be used to create custom index tabs for frequently used sections.


For example, if you type in “IC”, you will get microphones, picture viewers, etc, not just IC’s. This information is packaged into the cookie and stored for later use. Tapes, Pressure Sensitive, Duct Sealing.

Industrial vs commercial ethernet. Wire Self Adhesive Labels Sectionalizers. The memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh e,ectus. The Fast Find index at the front of the catalogue lets you locate product groups quickly. Repaired if possible, replace if still available and not repairable or credited if no other option available. All Companies Categories Brands.

Components catalogue By Electus Distribution 09 March For example, if you were to type in “LED”, you will get over products! Transistors, Bipolar, Chip Unpackaged. If you are a registered company, manufacturer, service agent, reseller or any organisation purchasing product in commercial quantities you may be eligible for wholesale prices. Transistors, Bipolar, Switching, General Purpose. Computer Storage Media, Flash Disks.


Items that are returned faulty will be catwlogue and be treated in the following manner. What is a Cookie? Converters, Analogue to Digital. A minimum of TWO 2 hours processing time is required. Why does my invoice slectus no-reorder? Sensor technology for guarding. All wholesale prices indicated are exclusive of GST. Can I return it?

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They go into a specific folder elecfus directory location that cata,ogue control, via your web browser software. Do the prices include GST?

Tapes, Pressure Sensitive, Electrical. We do not backorder items for Cash-sale customers. Transistors, Bipolar, General Purpose. For warranty claims please contact an Electus Sales person. Content from other channels on our network Road tunnel evacuated after gas leak Stadium made safer with anti-slip flooring UK baker fined for flour dust exposure Man dies after falling from boat How alcohol and drug training improves workplaces.

A cookie can only contain cagalogue text, not code, so cannot spread computer viruses. I ordered the wrong part. A CD-ROM version is being completed and features high quality images, extensive application notes and more than pages of semi-conductor data sheets.