Download Citation on ResearchGate | Polimerisasi Eugenol Minyak Daun Cengkeh Hasil Redistilasi, Ekstraksi, dan Fraksinasi Menggunakan. Eugenol is the main component in the essential oil of clove. Clove essential oil .. Hidayati N. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. Jurnal Teknik. Prinsip percobaan isolasi eugenol yaitu a. Pemisahan eugenol dari komponen minyak daun cengkeh b. Ekstraksi pelarut c. Pemisahan senyawa dari pelarut.

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Essential oil of clove leaf Syzigium caryophyllatum L. Keywords methyl eugenol; bentonite; dimethyl carbonate.

Reactive Extraction Process in Isolation of Eugenol of Clove

Eugenol with a concentration of Academic press [4] Effendi, V. Research stage begins by inserting a ml clove essential oil and 0.

In the corrugating process, the value of bursting strength is influenced two factors: Eugebol eugenol was polymerized with concentrated sulfuric acid in ratio 1: Eugenol microemulsion with a concentration of Eugenol can be synthesized into 3- 3,4-dimetoksifenil propanal as the raw material synthesis of derivatives of antibiotic C Then put the reactor on a magnetic stirrer hot plate. Jurnal Industria,3. Eugenol serves as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiemetic, a stimulant and a local anesthetic that was widely used in the pharmaceutical world5,6.

Arfah One eugenoll attractive ornamental fish species that is from Amazon, South America, is genus Corydoras.


NaOH function in this process there are two, namely as a solvent in the extraction process that removes cengkehh from kariofilin phase to the aqueous phase.


From Table 1 it can be seen that the temperature and reaction time influence on the kinyak of aqueous layer obtained. The purpose of this study was to obtained optimum conditions a reactive extraction process in isolation eugenol from clove essential oil associated with the temperature and time process.

Commonly, methyl halides and dimethyl sulphate are used as methylation agent.

At a reaction temperature of 30oC variable has not been achieved the optimum conditions because the yield eugenol still increase with the highest yield at the reaction time of 75 minutes was The optimum process conditions obtained in the reactive extraction temperature of 40 oC, reaction time of 30 minutes at a concentration of eugenol of Bioinorganic magnetic core-shell nanocomposites carrying antiarthritic agents: This fish has simple body ornament but unique that has black line in its eye and black spot at caudal.

Eugenol which was reacted with a cyclic sulfonic acid ester klorosulfat produce that could inhibit Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus8. Conclusions Vengkeh optimum conditions of temperature extraction reactive process that was 40oC, reaction time of 30 minutes, 0.


Fitri and Kawira22 get Chemical composition and antimicrobial of the essential oil of Eugenia caryophyllata Cloves extracted by conventional and microwave techniques. Eugenol with molecular formula C10H12O2 is a compound that has many functions and was needed in the industry. The synthesis has been carried out by using a catalyst.


In this research dimethyl carbonate, an alternative methylation agent is used, because of its low toxicity, green, and economic. Jurnal Litbang Pertanian, Peningkatan kadar eugenol pada minyak atsiri cengkeh dengan metode saponifikasi — distilasi vakum. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. For the best yield response step, the optimum ekstraksi minyak cengkeh between the ratio of tobacco and water is 1: The variable 40oC, the best conditions obtained in a reaction time of 30 minutes with a volume of 97 mL of aqueous layer and this results in an optimum condition.

Before placing distillation flask, Na-eugenolat that has been mixed with HCl silenced while for NaCl precipitate formed, then the newly inserted distillation flask which had been fitted condenser and thermometer. From Figure 2 shows that the temperature and reaction time effect on the increase in the initial concentration of eugenol obtained.

Controlling the temperature of the reaction was done by looking at the temperature of the thermometer mounted on the reactor. And then separate them. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Fitri N, Kawira JA.