Installing EdgeSight Web Server with SQL Standard. This document is a guide of an EdgeSight Web Server Installation with SQL. Services for the generation of historical reports. See the Citrix EdgeSight. Installation Guide for both agent and server system requirements. The following figure. Known Issues in EdgeSight 16 . System Requirements for EdgeSight q .. instructions on installing the EdgeSight components in a virtual desktop.

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Agent data files agent database and log files and registry key settings are retained during the upgrade. The File Sharing dialog edgesighht displayed. I have installed and busy configuring EdgeSight 5. This may indicate a problem with this package. Database names must be unique within an instance of SQL Server and comply with the rules for identifiers.

How to deploy EdgeSight 5.4 XenApp agents using install scripts to all your Citrix Farms

Set the value to dbonly to only install the database component. The installation will fail if the server MSI file is invoked directly. Leave windows authentication selected, and click Test Connect. The number of Launchers required will vary based on the target virtual user load. The scenario becomes that your email work account no longer exists, and the EdgeSight administrator must now call Citrix to find ways around this new problem.

Imstallation the Mode tab. It is highly recommended that you install the following software before installing EdgeSight Server software. Installatipn time may be required to perform file group moves during the upgrade.

This folder contains the EdgeSight database, which is highly transactional, along with log files and temporary files: Nexio Connectus with Nexio G-Scribe 2. I also just never felt like I had a clear idea of what was required to configure SSRS and to accomplish a setup using a least-privileged approach.


If an error occurs containing the text, Password validation failed. See Chapter 1, Installation Overview for system requirements.

PART 19 – EdgeSight 5.4 Installation and Configurations

Install one or more agent database servers for each pool. Launchers are installed on clients of the Servers that will be under test. Instaklation password created here is used only for the Superuser Account i. This option is enabled by default and will cause an error if the passwords supplied for accounts during installation do not meet the necessary strength requirements. Before installing and using the product, please review the readme files. Select the Install a new EdgeSight database radio button to create a new database.

Grant the EdgeSight user account to access the EdgeSight database. The Advanced Settings screen is displayed. Installation can continue, but performance may be affected. The Automatically configure Windows Firewall for Port checkbox is selected by default.

It can be specified to have this somewhere else with more disk space if you expect large amounts of data due to having hundreds of agent devices uploading data. Typical disk space usage is generally 70 MB per virtual desktop for the databases edgesigt a single disk. Because virtual desktops in a pool are not preserved across reboots, agents must store data externally on a database server and a file share. License servers must be explicitly identified using the EdgeSight Server Gulde before they are monitored for license type, intsallation, and availability.

Also, the database name can not contain hyphens, the pipe charactersingle quotes, a period. Place the group of virtual desktops in maintenance mode and then shut them down.

After the agent installation is complete, you must reboot your master image.


I heavily depend on the above reports to monitor farm health. If you are running a firewall on the machine hosting the agent database server, the port used to communicate with EdgeSight agents must be open. The instaplation looked like the IIS is locked up.

Installing EdgeSight with SQL R2 Express | FeedTheHamster

This agent enables the following features: Review the selected configuration settings. If you have existing EdgeSight Agents running on virtual desktops, you must uninstall and reinstall the agents. Getting Started Symantec Client Security About Security Security provides scalable, cross-platform firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus protection for workstations and antivirus protection for. Control RepairTitle on dialog VerifyReadyDlg extends beyond the boundaries of the dialog to the right by 16 pixels.

Configure agent support and licenses as appropriate to your environment. These components are checked by the bootstrapper program. Review the default values for the program files root and the data files path. When you click on a server under Monitor, your desktop immediately opens a connection on to that server. The method you choose is partially determined by the accounts set up when SQL Server was installed.

The default EdgeSight database name is EdgeSight.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective More information. Do you have to keep the svc account as all roles under the home page for RS and does it have to stay an admin on the RS server once installation is completed?

When the installation is complete, the Setup Complete page is displayed. Enter a name for the new database and click Next to continue.