Thanks for choosing EarthBox! You know we love them, and for many good reasons. Planting is not difficult, but review these instructions before jumping in. Planting an Earth Box: I planted my Earthbox on my balcony with six different The instructions in the box for setting it up are idiot proof, but there are a few. build your own earthbox! this is the most comprehensive guide i’ve seen to the mechanics of the project. from function i think i would combine this with the form of.

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Since their vines can grow 20 feet and they are prone to mildew, a Staking System for vertical support is recommended to keep fruit off the wet ground and allow for good air circulation. Earthbkx perform best when harvested lightly the first year, but should fruit heavily the next two years.

How Earthbox Works: Junior

Freezing and canning are also great ways to preserve this sweet harvest for a later consumption. Leeks Leeks are a cool season crop hardy to frosts and light freezes, and are relatively pest and disease free. Lettuce Nothing tastes better than a fresh, crisp salad made with lettuce straight from the garden.

Lack of Nitrogen [back to top]. You can use frost covers to speed warming and protect plants from pests at the same time. Greens are frost tolerant, so growing them as a late season crop is ideal. Your harvest from this crop will be versatile–beetroots can be boiled or roasted to be eaten hot or cold, thinly sliced and turned into chips with a dehydrator, or pickled to enjoy as a earrhbox treat at a later time.

Florida Gardening Suggested Planting Schedule

Use okra planfing gumbo or middle-Eastern inspired dishes; or enjoy it roasted, satueed, or fried. Once harvested, celery should be used rather quickly. Some are more hearty and shrub-like such as rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano; others are more delicate and prone to wilting or bolting when subjected to extreme heat such planring dill, parsley, cilantro, and chives. This nutritous crop prefers cooler weather, even a light frost, and do not tolerate heat very well.


It is common for a second smaller head to form if enough of the stem was left intact from the initial harvest. A little bit of frost may even serve to make the crop sweeter.

Repel flea beetles and root maggots on young seedlings by covering your containers with insect nets immediately after planting. Plant okra after all threats of frost have passed. Like other cole crops, Brussels sprouts are a nitrogen hog, and require consitent watering and cool temperatures. Check plants regularly and pick any off by hand.

Florida Vegetable Planting & Gardening Schedule

Bush bean crops usually mature all at once, which means you’ll wind up with a very large harvest at the end of the growing season. If a cold spell is eadthbox, use a frost cover to protect plants, or bring them indoors. Bolting, Mosaic Virus, Downy Mildew [back to top]. Planting greens can also be done in early spring for a summer harvest, but plajting watering is likely necessary for them to grow successfully during the summer heat. They can be used fresh or dried to add flavor to any number of dishes.

Consume your harvest within a few days, or pickle them to enjoy at a later time. Like other leafy vegetables,salad greens prefer cool conditions but should be kept in direct sun. Lack of Pollination, Blossom End Rot [back to top]. To prevent pests, use insect netting early in the season. If you see gray mold on the Artichoke leaves, simply remove the infected leaves.

Kohlrabi greens can also be eaten in salads. Leeks can be enjoyed sauteed, braised, pureed into soup, or thinly sliced in salads.


Once fruit begins growing, provide a sling under heavy melons to help support and distribute weight so they do not drop off the trellis. Even watering is important, especially during bulbing mid-May through June.

Broccoli, an easily-recognizeable vegetable, can be a successful crop in your garden with platning planting and good protection from pests. Spinach, an easy to grow crop that fills in very quickly, is hardy to frosts and light freezes. While best enjoyed fresh, pieces of fruit may be frozen so they can be blended into smoothies at a later time. Kohlrabi Kohlrabi is a cool-weather vegetable that prefers full-sun and consistently-moist growing media for quick growth. We recommend setting up your EarthBox close to where it will stay for the season.

These plants are ideal for growing in the EarthBox gardening system since plenty of water helps promote rapid, uninterrupted growth, and slows bolting. Corn Smut [back to top]. Sweet peppers can be cut up and eaten raw, roasted and marinated, sauteed; or used in stews, soups, and stir fry. With some careful planning and attention, carrots are a snap to grow. With their unique flavors–some strong and overpowering, some mild and sweet–onions can be added to nearly any dish and can be cooked every way, as well as eaten raw.

Use insect netting to help protect from early insect infestations. Aphids, slugs, and leaf miners love chard, but can be controlled easily by disposing of the affected leaves or hosing pests away with a blast of water.