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Validity of self-reported out-of-school physical activity among Finnish year-old children. Kalakasvatus UUS Keskkond 6. Postmenopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer prognostic characteristics.

Riigihangete Ameti struktuur ja teenistujate koosseis 1. Energeetika Finantssuhted 21 6. Economic independence in survivors of cancer diagnosed at a young age: Sotsiaalmaksu maksmise kord erijuhtudel 1. Puuvili ja lilled UUS 6.

FINANTSSUHTED Süstematiseeritud perioodiline teabekogumik. Aastakäik V – PDF Free Download

The epidemiology of post-traumatic stress disorder in Norway: Juhend toetuste kajastamiseks alates A population-based cohort study. Associations between long-term serum platinum and neurotoxicity and ototoxicity, endocrine gonadal function, and cardiovascular disease in testicular cancer survivors.


Intra-individual changes in DNA methylation not mediated by cell-type composition are correlated with aging during childhood. Raamatupidamis- ja auditeerimisteenuste hind UUS 6. Tulumaksu vabastuse kasutamise avalduse blankett UUS 5. The global burden of viral hepatitis from to Design of a long-term follow-up effectiveness, immunogenicity and safety study of women who received the blwnkett human papillomavirus vaccine.

Majutustegevus aasta UUS 6. SAD-vorm, Lisa 32 1. Identification of a novel susceptibility locus at 13q34 and refinement of the 20p Kindlustatavate isikute nimekiri 2.

International Journal of Health Policy and Management. A Norwegian national cohort study. Lambad ja kitsed UUS 6. The effect of under-reporting of energy intake on dietary patterns and on the associations between ee301 patterns and self-reported chronic disease in women aged years.

Linnud aasta UUS 6. Valla- linnavalitsuse keskkonnakaitsekulutused UUS 6.

“ifylld” in English

Majutustegevus aasta UUS 6. Ehituse valdkond UUS 4. Taotlus-ankeet kasutajanimele ja paroolile 2. RTJ 15 — Vahearuanded 4. SAD-vorm, Lisa 31 1.

FINANTSSUHTED Süstematiseeritud perioodiline teabekogumik. Aastakäik V

Vormi V1 lisalehed — Vormi V1 tabelite 3. Rehabilitatsiooniteenuse osutamine UUS 4. Prediagnostic selenium status and hepatobiliary cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort.


Comparison of abdominal adiposity and overall obesity in relation to risk of small intestinal cancer in a European Prospective Cohort. RTJ 6 – Kinnisvarainvesteeringud Elanikkonna moodul-uuring UUS 6. Sularaha deklaratsioon inglise keeles blznkett. A nationwide pharmacoepidemiological study. Healthy lifestyle and risk of cancer in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition cohort study.

Linnud aasta UUS 6. Telekommunikatsiooniteenuste hind UUS 6. Finantsvahendus- ja finantsvahenduse abitegevus kvartal UUS 6. Laoteenuse hind UUS 6. Ametiisiku majanduslike huvide deklaratsioon Ehituse valdkond UUS Avaldus elatisabi taotlemiseks 5. Ten- and yr prostate cancer-specific mortality in patients with nonmetastatic locally advanced or aggressive intermediate prostate cancer, randomized to lifelong endocrine treatment alone or combined with radiotherapy: Perceived physical strain at work and incidence of colorectal cancer: Loomade ja lindude kokkuost UUS 6.

An empirical comparison of methods for predicting net survival.