Emu procussion Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Emu procussion Operation Manual. The Procussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in It’s a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based. The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module that, at that time, offered musicians an E-MU Procussion Operation Manual Rev. A.

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EMU procussion Operation Manual

While the factory kits are very good, there are probably some things you would like to change, perhaps the tuning, or the tone of a stack. Wet Kick 2 The User Zone Maps are useful to route MIDI note data from existing drum machine patterns to the appropriate stacks in Procussion for drum replacement. procuussion

Procussion has two multi-wave LFOs for each percussion stack. To Copy a Stack: Procussion operation manual Index A-M INDEX accent 40, 56, 64 headphones 7 aftertouch See pressure hi-hat alternate envelope 62 pedal connection 12 See also envelope generator switch mode 66 alternate switch mode 66 tutorial 81 assignment mode 54 hold 38, Procussion also features 32 voice polyphony allowing procudsion to take full advantage of its layering capabilities up to 8 sounds on each key or drum pad and its ability to respond multi-timbrally to all 16 MIDI channels makes it ideally suited for mznual sequencing and composing using a MIDI sequencer.


Setup your select the type of MIDI data you wish to transmit.

Up to 4 simultaneous patches may be programmed Programming Basics section of this manual and have a basic understanding of the Procussion architecture.

Procussion gives you the ability to literally take these sounds apart prcoussion re-assemble them into procusion almost limitless In, Out, Thru Data Encoding: This function allows you to program the two user definable Zone Maps. I heard it has lot of electro sounds Drums for outer space. A punchy rock-blues setup. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.


Extremely realistic and very expressive percussion – perfect for all Latin genres! Highly-produced, “gluey” and punchy drum kit.

Page 39, 63 modulation sequencer description 36 external sequencer setup enable 55 Procussion demo sequence 31 footswitch 12, 28, 37, 57, 65, 67 saving kits to 30 interval charts sine wave 39, 63 patching 40, 42, 44, 64, 56 sound start 47, 54, 67, 78, 82 realtime mod.

The sound is typically E-mu: Procussion The Kit is a complete set of all program parameters for a set of up to 24 Procussion drum Stacks.


E-mu Procussion pictures click on thumbnails to enlarge.

In many instances a bit of reverb or EQ will be just the thing a drum stack needs to give it a distinct identity. Dry Kick 4 Connection Instructions System This diagram shows a typical equipment setup for the Procussion.

Emu procussion Manuals

The instruments in a stack can be modulated in many ways or switched on and off depending on various parameters such as velocity or high hat pedal position, etc. Dry Kick 6 A lot of snare drums. Procussion offers expressive Hi-Hat control; up to 4 different Hi-Hat samples can be switched-in depending on the position of a pedal or control wheel. Brush Snare B 1.

The power switch is located on the left side of the front panel. Load the factory user presets from SysEx file.


First of all, go into the Master menu and turn to the Global Trigger Tempo procusslon. Bongos by the sea. Images from Perfect Circuit Audio.

Each zone may be assigned a MIDI key range. Dry Kick 2