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Soto, 24 of Carol Stream, and Jessica L. Beale, found the early going rough. Fabian Guzman, 22, avoided a sentence of as many as 60 years by pleading guilty to delivery of cocaine and accepting the year term negotiated with prosecutions. At a news conference announcing the outcome of the investigation Monday at the Zion Police Department, Malcolm praised officers for risking their lives in the operation and said the roundup of the offenders “makes our neighborhoods safer and improves the quality of life in the area.

Sometimes officers are able to arrest them at their places of employment, which can be embarrassing and provide a powerful incentive to heed their next calls to court, Foster said. The vehicle was stopped by all three agencies and two large bags containing undisclosed amounts of marijuana were found in a hidden compartment, police said. Sullivan was contacted by Libertyville resident Tim McCann, who requested heroin via text message on Jan.

Molina and Raul Guzman waited in a car across the street. He loaded between and of the pills, each of which are slightly smaller than an aspirin, into the balloons and swallowed them before returning to this area in late March, police said. Sonka, who is retired, has had a Federal Firearms License since Julybut he didn’t start recording a lot of sales activity until Minor, 25, of Zion, four counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, three counts of unlawful possession, criminal drug conspiracy and unlawful delivery of marijuana.

Customers would either phone before they came to pick up their orders or ask that particular employees serve them, police said.

Shanes said Johnson was taken into custody immediately after the sale and a search warrant was obtained for her residence after the arrest.

Arrested Friday night on criminal drug conspiracy charges were the restaurant’s night manager, Fabian Guzman, 21; his wife, Niesha Molina, 24; his brother, Raul Guzman, 20; and Ricardo Sanchez, It is a stimulant with mild hallucinogenic properties, originally developed and patented by the pharmaceutical company Merck, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Sophisticated lighting systems mounted on tracks to simulate the effect of the sun on the plants cast an amber glow from windows in the house that was visible from surveillance positions police used during the investigation, Roszkowiak said. Police observed Phoxay, of N.

Larry Morrical, 32, Zion, unlawful possession of drug equipment.

Drug Enforcement Agency, police said. Both suspects were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, criminal drug conspiracy, unlawful controlled substance trafficking and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Circuit Judge James Booras issued an arrest warrant calling for Saliu to be held without bond.

DuPage County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Ruiz also maintains a residence in Tijuana, Mexico. Queen is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, according to police. In October, Lauren Greenwood, 27, of Mundelein, passed information she acquired on her job to the man “with mfms intent to obstruct or impede” his prosecution, according to a warrant.

Patrick Stuart Skinner, 23, of Brainerd Ave. Dennis and Muriel Olenik drove to Lake Zurich from Arlington Heights to bring in a gauge shotgun that Dennis had hunted with years ago when they lived in central Illinois.

Two had been left to him by his father and one had been left in an apartment owned by his grandfather. Barrett Investigation arrested three subjects and seized over grams of heroin after a month long investigation. Each group of officers generally included representatives from local, state and federal agencies. The kids trust other kids to tell them what’s safe. Employees stashed various quantities of cocaine in clear plastic bags next to coffee creamers, milk and condiments in small refrigerators in the drive-through window area.

Sheriff Gary Del Re said he authorized the seventh warrant sweep in the past two years to go forward on Friday in spite of recent overcrowding problems at the jail. Additional charges of trafficking are likely, indicated Daniel Shanes, chief of the drug prosecutions division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office, if evidence proves that the pills were brought in from out-of-state.

He is a flight risk and needs a bond of several million dollars. The investigation ofg part of the State Police “Project X” initiative, a law probatioj program that targets drug dealers selling “club drugs” such as Ecstasy. The investigation also led officers to come into close contact with gang members from five area gangs.


Police said the bag contained chemicals and other by-products of the drug manufacturing process. Of the 40 arrested, many were udpageco with possession of drugs, possession with intent to sell and criminal drug conspiracy. Edward Towers, 28, North Chicago, domestic battery. Hidden microphones recorded Llanes stating, both in California and in Lake County, that he had the marijuana and intended to sell it, Shanes said.

A manager reached at the restaurant Saturday, who only identified herself as “Cindy” said, “No one in this store had any knowledge of this happening.

The payments were based on the amount of credits the agent had accumulated while playing, Shanes said, and averaged about 20 cents per credit. Brill, 24, of Zion, driving with a revoked license.

DuPage County IL – OHSEM LEPC

At the time of arrest, Tesch had in his possession arrest 1. I know who he is, but he stuck to himself. Mundelein police developed information that Sonka was selling guns out of his house and his Federal Firearms License had expired four months earlier.

They, along with another suspect who is charged with unlawful possession of cannabis, were arrested Friday by agents of the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group after an undercover agent allegedly purchased some Ecstasy from two of them at the McDonald’s restaurant at Grand Ave.

Glenn, 28, of Zion, two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and two counts of unlawful deliver. November – A Cary man who police said had about 21 pounds of marijuana pleaded guilty to possession. Both face a mandatory prison sentence of 15 to 60 years if convicted.

Apt 6A in Libertyville, has been charged with several drug-related offenses, including two Class X felonies, following his Aug.

Cairus is charged with unlawful possession of, and intent to deliver, marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He also was accused by police of being in possession of a number of firearms despite having his Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously revoked, court records show. Mattes faces a potential prison sentence of more than years if probatioh of all counts.

Mostoicz, 25, of Zion, attempted obstruction of justice.

Susan Garrett, the program featured state police from a task force on illegal drugs, gangs and weapons.

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