17 Sie Poradnik do gry „Drakensang: The Dark Eye” zawiera mapy kolejnych lokacji oraz opis wykonania zadań związanych z głównym wątkiem. 13 Jan I guess it is now impossible to play in the browser since last year (as far as I remember). To play the test server on the client, all you have to do. 12 Oct I would just like to know exactly what stats should be on what items when making a strong 2h dk build. Also any tips at all would be appreciated.

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Once the fight is over Ancoron will join your party.

As I refine my gems some of this will get made up that way, but it will take a year or so before I’m done with that. Get through the creatures and into the Lab. Quests unlock with the level of your character, so if you experience a lapse in available quests, increase your character level and you will find more quests at the appropriate location.

Ask him, how is he able to get in and out of the city. He has a problem – one of his clients has been drinking on a tab and disappeared without paying it. Return to Alvina Once Danos puts the bracelet on he will turn into a toad and Alvina will appear and thank you for help. Talk to Reginald Get back to Reginald and tell him what has happened. She will be happy you managed to solve her ancestral problem, no matter how you did it. At this moment, it is the very right time to make some plan or new plan on how to get major leap improvement in end of January I know about your ring.


You can help her by following her into the marshes, but not before the undead are dealt with. Talk to her and she will tell you that her daughter may be in a crypt 9.

Ask him to help you get to Murolosh. I guess it is now impossible to play in the browser since last year as far as I remember.

Kliknij raz na trzeciego drwala. Talk to her and use your social skills to get the dog bone. You will receive some kind of “sober up” brew, for the dwarf. poradnikk

Use it to get to the tower Before you’ll leave, however she will stop you and tell you about her lover. Inform the owner After you’re done go outside and talk to Ibrom. When you get close enough you will be approached by a scared woman who will tell you that some men in red have dragged Jessica to the sewers 4. He asks you to help him pass the examinations held by the Thieves Guild Pass the first test The first test is: Kill Morla After you kill Knowall Kill the drakenasng in the pond Morla will appear and she will be pretty angry.

Now head to the temple and talk to Morlinde. Kill her to get her owl skull. Get Mimi to trust you Approach miss Strunkler 5 and ask her for some salmon. He will tell you that the gate has been closed due to the increased goblin activity outside. You will be under constant attacks from the dragon plants and fireflies, but focus on the tree, because the fireflies will keep on appearing until you kill it. Now, since the barrier no longer protects the ruins you may continue your pursuit of the Book of the Serpent.

Open it and take the note containing the information on finding the thieves’ guild liaison in Ferdok. Ask him about Gladys, and he will send you to Salm Four Fingers 5who, in turn will tell you to talk drakdnsang Cripple Reto 4. Deakensang to kill fatal bosses, with some patience you able to kill infernal 1 Dragan with reasonable number of revives. Find the dancing place The magical spot can be found in north-eastern part of the map Reginald will talk to him and learn that there’s someone worth talking to in the “Fleet Footed Ferret” 1.


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You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from the escaping mercenary 2. Balance of Life and Death. Muddlemosh From chapter five on: Tashman will get up and walk over to the spot where Ardo was found 6.

To poradnik dla ciebie! Knowall will thank you for the rescue and jump into your pocket. Use the poison on the beer pitcher standing on the bar. Convince them using Fast Talk Return to the Kobold Once you convince the woodcutters return with them to the kobold. Take the pot to Saphira Take the pot back to Saphira, to receive her owl skull.

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Drakensang: Phileasson’s Secret (Poradnik do gry)

Besides him, you will see Alvina. Once they see you, the hooded figure will disappear and you will have to fight the cultists. After the conversation Warina and a few soldiers erakensang appear. Near the next bridge Archon Megalon Crypt with a sarcophagus. Get back on the ladder 5get to the other side of the room and leave the hideout 1.

Nefertari and the Missing. Trainer.