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Orthodox Dogmatic Theology Vol 1

In the East, philosophy was accepted only as servant of theology, and logic only as organoni. For what is different from being does not exist, so that it necessarily follows, according to the argument of Parmenides, that all things that are eogmatica one and this is being.

What does Aristotle say? It is rational to believe in God. For him, as Jean Beaufret suggests, “duty represents the truest kind of prayer”. But let us return to Proslogion conceived as a direct dialog with a living God.

Aristotle and the Western Culture The idea of theology as science of the divine was held at high esteem by Western Christianity, especially in the scholastic period, but also later on. Suttner takes under rigorous scrutiny the situations of schism, presenting them as supposedly contradictory stances of communion with Jesus Christ, and not as contradictory positions of sister churches.

Or, this shows unmistakably that – if the notion of communion is also an expression of Christianity’s religious identity – then the notion of schism denotes an estrangement from God.

Dumitru Staniloae – Dictionarul Teologilor Romani

Thus, if the “formal infinite that is God, is known in itself but is unknown to us this is due to the weakness of our intellect, which in its present status has a natural capability to grasp only material things”, then “in our present status we can only know God through His material effects”.


Promotion of the rationalist spirit and stimulation of research are premises for founding, in the 12 th and 13 th centuries, the universities of Bologna, Montpellier, Paris, Oxford, Salamanca, Cologne, Heidelberg, etc. But the practice of religious life has lead by reciprocal excommunication – to two contradictory worlds, although God is One, the Bible has no variants, and logic shows clearly that these worlds are conceivable as non-contradictory.

Or, this can be viewed as an adaptation to Christianity of Aristotle’s definition of primary philosophy as theology Metaphysics – I, A, 2, b and a. Without insisting and considering other philosophers of the scholastic period, some ideas ought to be emphasised – ideas which implicitly reflect the influence of the Aristotelian spirit: Besides, Eastern Fathers call this closeness to God union, rather than knowledge”.

The formula seems paradoxical if we do not make a clear distinction between faith and knowledge, or more exactly, if stanilloae do not dogmaica the limits of the conjunction between man’s two possible relationships with God.

Orthodox Dogmatic Theology Vol 1: Dumitru Staniloae: T&T Clark

In order to transcend multiplicity – e. But since our mind cannot conceive what God is, it remains unknown to us in what concerns us quand nos “. De la Platon la Heidegger, vol. During the first Christian centuries the situation was different. It begins with a prayer addressed to Him and then continues with a logical investigation of human knowledge and ignorance.

In his characteristic style of sustaining his interrogation to the maximum, he identifies staniloea fundamental distinction between what is eternal and what is transitory and ephemeral.

Without indulging in analytical details, we can describe this status by using the logical square, according to which a universally affirmative proposition SaP is in contradiction with a particular negative proposition SoP.

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Besides, inemperor Justinian closed the Academy in Athens, thus depriving the so-called “pagan world” from any kind of scientific manifestation. For example, we can write, 1 All those who are Christian recognise Apostle Peter as the stepping stone on which Christ built His Church, the first Pope of the Church of the entire world as such; consequently, all Popes have an apostolic legitimacy. Augustin’s philosophy is an exercise in which the search for God and rational understanding merge into one another.

In Summa Contra Gentiles he writes that we have to make “a distinction between what is known in itself simply simpliciter and in what concerns us quand nos. Adamut, Literatura si Filozofie Crestina, vol. In the economy of this paper, my dogmtica falls on the reception by Christians of Aristotle’s work and of the rationalist spirit that derives from his philosophy.

Angels “apprehend the truth of things directly and without resorting to reasoning”; conversely, humans get to know the intelligible truth only by reasoning. Besides, in the 9 th century, dogmatoca work was translated into Latin by John Scotus Erigena, a good logician of the times.

Dumitru Staniloae – Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa (3).PDF

Obviously, this existential division comes from Plato and – we must point out – was also taken up by Christianity, i. I suggest two possible perspectives for reflection: Briefly, it involves the promotion and justification of a certain type of relations between Christian theology and various scientific and philosophical disciplines. The Christian writer of the East whose work had, perhaps, the greatest influence upon scholastic logic, was John of Damascus.