Dinotopia has ratings and 56 reviews. Alec said: With this fourth installment, the series is redeemed! I’m going to get rid of my copy of First Fl. Lists in articles are discouraged on Dinotopia Wiki. You can help Dinotopia Wiki by moving the lists to ‘List of Dinosaurs in Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara’ and. A stand-alone sequel to the first two Dinotopia books, Journey to Chandara offers the perfect introduction to James Gurney’s fantasy world for readers of all ages.

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It was devoured very quickly and was just as loved as dinoopia first one. Khan punishes Crabb dinotopa assigning him to be a chef for a band of Acrocanthosaurus Shaolin-monkswho ate their last chef after he failed to satisfy them.

It was a cross-over success, appealing to both children and adult readers, which led Dlnotopia Gurney to write and illustrate three more books called Dinotopia: Until the day that you can join me here, keep them as evidence of things not seen.

I didn’t find the plot to be anything special, but I had fun seeing all of the dinosaurs. Jan 01, Linda in Utopia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Raised in Palo Alto, the youngest of five children of Joanna and Robert Gurney a mechanical engineer. I was fortunate to meet James Gurney when he kicked off his book tour in Rhinebeck, NY, where he lives. Hardcoverpages.

Dinotopia: Journey To Chandara

Dinotopia Lost and The Hand of Dinotopia These books feature other characters who cjandara not specifically involved with the events of the main books, although characters from the main books particularly chandxra Denisons have appeared in minor or cameo roles. Many large mammalian species reside here. Most are a little less finished here than in chandwra first book, but they don’t suffer for it.

The viewpoint is back to being first-person, using the same found journal framing device as the first book. Will Denison’s daughter followed her father into the Skybax corps an order acknowledged to be founded by Gideon AltaireOriana’s granddaughter is the female protagonist, the character Zippo is said to have been the dinosaur partner of Sylvia here the Nursery overseer and not a Skybax riderand Lee Crabb’s son Cyrus features as the antagonist.


This volume followed the original book’s journal format. We’ve got Brachiosaurus fire-trucks, with details about how the pump works and what everything does. Arthur Denison continues to be utterly amazed and awed by everything he sees, but I could do without Lee Crabb completely, his presence as a pseudo-villain in each book is unfulfilling and therefore quite pointless.

Dinotopia is a fictional utopia created by author and illustrator James Gurney. Retrieved 20 October The structure at Bilgewater is also pretty chwndara. Dinotopia is an isolated island inhabited by shipwrecked humans chanddara sapient dinosaurs who have learned to coexist peacefully as a single symbiotic society.

The gorges of the Amu River is where Canyon City is built. After reading the first Dinotopia, I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of three more books, before being plunged to the depths of disappointment. Fails to capture any originality of the original Dinotopia.

Eventually, they reach an enormous man-made chamber filled with abandoned walking vehicles modelled after prehistoric animals, left behind by the ancient chzndara of Poseidos, which they nickname “Strutters”. The musician suggests that they find a back way to get there instead.

In the fashion of authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughsthe first and fourth books cinotopia written chandarx if they were Arthur’s journalswith Gurney going so far as to explain in the introductions how he happened to come across the old, waterlogged volumes. Chandqra writing, the characters, the art, and the imaginative world make for the perfect combination. The detailed art is creative and fun. The northern part of Dinotopia has the Backbone Mountains which runs across the eastern and western parts of Dinotopia where it forms the northern border of the Rainy Basin and ending at Crackshell Point.

However, Cirrus flies Will to ancient ruins in the jungle of which the Tyrannosaurus are strangely protective. Gurney finally corrected a mistake that I have often made in my own writing–focusing on the big, high-concept ideas at the expense of the small details that actually matter.


Journey to Chandara recounts the journal entries and adventures of explorer Arthur Denison and dinosaur Bix chxndara they explore the exotic eastern realm of James Gurney’s Dinotopia.

I enjoyed another interesting look at one of my favorite fictional countries.

Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara | Through The Looking Glass Children’s Book Review

After passing through the mountain city of Thermala, the duo encounter Nibor Dooh, a bandit who steals all the possessions of passing travelers and compensates them with the possessions of the previous victim.

What a great series that inspires the desire to learn more about dinosaurs and evolution, the love of art, and tl. Some boring ideas explored too much, other interesting ideas too little. In the world of Dinotopia, the Code of Dinotopia is an ancient stone tablet citing the rules of living in Dinotopia.

Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara

At the end of the day, Hugo Khan expresses his wish for Chandara to be reopened culturally to the rest of Dinotopia. There’s no cliche evil bad guy in a giant scorpion robot trying to kill all living dinosaurs because reasons. However, they are too late, as Crabb has arrived first and taken the ruby sunstone.

Luckily, they survive and arrive on time to meet their kin. They all deal with the adventures of Arthur and Will Denison to one degree or another.

Gurney is a master of the arts who clearly delights in sharing his imagination with us – kind, earnest, rinotopia a genuine curiosity that goes a long way. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It’s just our good friend Arthur Denison, the naturalist, doing what he does best–traveling through a new land, encountering new cultures, and documenting as he goes. Hugo Khan finally reveals himself to be a small Microraptor, and the real Denison promptly exposes Crabb.