Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world. Find all of the downloads you need from DeMolay International to help improve International DeMolay Congress Bylaws Squires Ritual Official 1st Edition. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the.

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A gavel should be on the pedes t al at the stations of the Master Councilor and Senior Councilor. We are eager to enter upon the inheritance of our manhood; yet there is nothing effeminate in the demokay loving, mother-loving, father-loving young man, gratefully remembering the debt he can never repay, but striving to pay it in thoughtful consideration, courtesy, affectionate and dutiful obedience.

You must approach the door of our Chapter in a serious frame of mind realizing that the solemn purpose of all our ceremonies is to impress upon your minds great truths of right living to aid you in deserving the good opinion of all right-thinking men. Mar pauses after each question to give candidates opportunity to reply.

Downloads – DeMolay International Celebrates its Centennial Year

May we ever realize that we are brothers of the helpless and suffering and rejoice in every call to the relief of pain boook the alleviation of sorrow. Do you assert upon your honor that you are not inspired by an unworthy desire to be exclusive by belonging to a secret order? That is mine answer, Inquisitor, though it were made with my final breath.


An attendant is going about lighting candles. If he does so, one end of the baton should be in his left hand; the other end should be tucked under his left arm.

Attend to my brother at the right of the Master Inquisitor. Throughout the text, blanks for the entry of suggested music are provided.


No other salute of any kind is to be given to the Master Councilor. The Officers will now retire.

All the Inquisitors may sit in the East or the M. You may now be seated. Brother Stewards, who are these who knock at the door of our Chapter room? I promise that I will give to my country an unswerving allegiance, defending her honor with my life it need be, her flag, my flag, and her cause, my cause, and that I will obey the laws of my city, state and nation.

Our forefathers were well deolay that religious liberty, represented by the Holy Bible, civil liberty, represented by the flag of our country, and intellectual liberty, represented by the school books, must go hand in hand in order to be effective. In those instances in which the Chapter room or meeting hail impose physical limitations, the Chapter may make the adjustments necessary, so long as they adhere de,olay closely as feasible to this official standard.

Unobligated non-Masonic adults and non-Senior DeMolays rise. If Altar is too large for J. We are not wont to listen to insolence, from those unreservedly in our power.

Rityal answer canst thou make? Godfrey de Goneville and Hughes de Peralde, hath either of you anything to say? Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Sentinel that this Chapter is closed. They are strangers who demolay ritual book to become friends and Brothers in our work.


When he is one pace in front of them, Mar and Stewards move simultaneously K B. Any Active DeMolay may perform the part of Master Councilor in an initiation, the part does not necessarily have to be performed by the regularly installed Master Councilor. We have taken upon our lips the name of a great hero and martyr of history who gave up his life rather than betray the trust reposed in him. DeMolay members preparing a ritual part should consult Appendix A for a thorough understanding of the meanings of demolay ritual book words and correct pronunciations so they may more effectively teach the lessons contained in the degrees.

Except during prayers, all Officers including edmolay Master Councilor and all other persons stand when speaking. Preceptor says first full sentence of his speech, places jewel in the Crown of Youth, continues speech to completion. Active DeMolays rise as Ch. View or edit your browsing history. Our Father, as sons of loving and indulgent parents, we invoke Thy divine blessing upon all the boo and mothers of our country and of all the world, and wilt Thou pour out a special blessing for our mothers who have watched over us with unceasing care during all the years of out lives.

The grip of the Order is given by taking the hand in a casual manner and pressing the thumb sharply between the thumb and first finger twice, then once immediately afterwards.