Decreto que reforma, adiciona y deroga diversas disposiciones de la ley del cobertura legal del personal civil (decretos leyes y de , ley núm. Decreto ley núm. 28, y del Estatuto de los trabajadores de la administración pública de Macao, aprobado por decreto ley núm. de Deroga la orden de 17 julio sobre la misma materia. . Decreto-ley núm por el que se autoriza la extensión del campo de acción de las cajas.

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See article in Dutch on https: Loi du 20 juillet concernant le statut du juge. Inseparate governments were formed in North Korea and South Korea. This page provides an overview of copyright rules of Monaco that are relevant to uploading works into Wikimedia Commons.

Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Consolidated list M-N – Wikimedia Commons

Article 26 of the cited law defines exceptions of the commercial restrictions, and reproduction of a work of architecture in the form of a building or similar construction is such an exception. Comprehensive legislation on employment of South African Police Services.

They note that “the Reserve Bank has no objection to reproducing our notes and coins as complete on-screen or printed images, typically for design, educational or illustrative purposes” but that “for intellectual property reasons we cannot grant permission to reproduce detail parts of these designs, and in particular that: It is also illegal for you to use any photograph, drawing or design of any note, coin or any part of the note or coin, of any size, scale or colour, in any advertising or on any merchandise or products, which are manufactured, sold, circulated or distributed except with the permission of BNM.


Made under Mine Health and Safety Act, Amendment to the Law on Civil Service. Checoslovaquia ex – Condiciones de empleo – Ley. Repeals Government Notice No.

They are separately listed in Item 9 and therefore are not included in FOP.

Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Consolidated list M-N

Introduces a provision for public transport subsidies for employees. Retrieved 21 May Pensions Amendment Regulations The Spanish Empire conquered the region in the ,ey century. Made under the Public Education Service Laws Provides, inter alia, for the creation of a “Public Service Commision”; the structure of the public sector; recruitment, promotion, transfer, resignation, duties, obligations and rights of Public Servants; fundamental rights of public officers, freedom of expression and freedom of association s.

It introduces amendments to article 2, concerning the definition of “Private Sector” article 2and to article 3, replacing “” by “” article 3. Henceforward, tools are to be approved by decreot in the Gazette. Organizes the payment of additional salary Article 1 first half on As China has always claimed Northeast China without recognizing Manchukuo, any copyright of Manchukuo stamps would have expired no later on 1 January as China limits corporate copyright to 50 years since publication and it is no longer clear which individual designed these stamps.

Amends various ordinances and regulations relating to the provision of pension benefits, gratutities and other allowances in respect of public service.

In addition to the provisions of the Public Service Act, provides for a written examination for the candidates to be employed in the Public Service during If there is any doubt about the copyright status of a work from Nepal, refer to the relevant laws for clarification. The relevant minister can give permission for a policeman or a sergeant to be discharged after its 50th birthday or at any time later than this.


Specifies the method for the calculation of the minimum wage. Regulations made in pursuance of the Constitution for the purpose of dereto administrative supervision, improving administration and administrative efficiency, and encouraging State administrative organs and their functionaries to be honest, to serve the public and to observe discipline and dr law. Mauritius Copyright act from If there is any doubt about the copyright status of a work from Nicaragua, refer to the relevant laws for clarification.

Sets le a set of moral norms of conduct to be observed by civil servants in discharging their responsibilities. Decision of the State Education Commission to give special training to all the principals of primary and secondary schools over the next five years. Law 73 I ofamending Law No. The Aim of the law is to protect public interest from discrepancies in the allocation of jobs, because of the privileged information capacity that former public officers have.