DEBEG 4. MACHINERY. Main Engine – Type.: 1 x 7L 52/55 B, MAN B&W. Fuel Type.: IF Max continuous power: approx. 8, PS at RPM. Atlas Debeg Atlas Debeg Radio Faximile. JRC JLN Dobbler log. Raytheon STR Standard radio. Raytheon STR C. Debeg DEBEG Inmarsat Fleet Broadband: DEBEG. V-Sat, Iridium. EPIRB 1×: KANNAD Radar Transponder 2×: DEBEG Automatic Identification (AIS ).

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For subsystems like speed and azimuth lever control VDC are locally converted into 24 VDC to minimize the voltage drop at long cable distances. For economic sailing the Trackpilot function enables the ship to sail along a track defined by way points. SAM Electr onics – RAD wave field parameters such as significant wave height, peak wave period and peak wave direction, as well as surface current speed and current direction offering the continuous 2925 of wave data in rough seas, under harsh weather conditions with limited visibility and at night.

The section breakers will be opened only in case of a bus bar failure e.

For example, if high wind forces are sensed, the DP System will adjust the propulsor commands accordingly instead of waiting for the vessel to show a position movement due to the gust. Power Management System PMS Platinum is an intelligent power management system based on the Geapas which is a stand-alone automatic power supply system including complete generator protection and management functions plus the advanced control functions offered by Platinum software to match different operation modes specifically developed to fit the outstanding requirements of an heavy lift jacking vessel.


Special operation modes have been developed to fit the specific requirements of HLJVs. Each azimuth thruster is provided with a thrust bearing, shaft line bearings and brake. Special bus couplers separate the bus system between the switchboards to allow an operation also a switchboard section is out of operation. Each Z-drive is speed controlled rpm by an asynchronous motor.

Zeeschepen op het Haringvliet

In order to limit the inrush current, a pre-magnetizing circuit is deveg for each propulsion transformer. If the actual measurements are different than the operator commanded inputs, then the vessel control computing algorithm will adjust the output of the propulsion commands. The touch operator panel PC provides the following functions: The V network is redundantly supplied from the V switchboards via two kVA distribution transformers. The MCC supplies all auxiliary equipments of 2592 related drive e.

Around sales 292 service locations worldwide ensure customer proximity. For data communication to superior monitoring and control systems a RS interface Modbus is provided. X-Band Scanner 12,5 kw, 5 ft. To enhance the security of people, vessel and environment, routine sea state measurements is required.

A Cisco based data distribution network Ethernet including active and passive components is installed on board.

DEBEG 2952 Weather Facsimile Receiver

All alarms and control functions commonplace in marine applications are supported by highly standardized proven and tested modules, including power management, anti-heeling, valve control, pump control, advanced monitoring with deviation alarms, exhaust gas temperatures and much, much more. An on-site-team was preparing installation data and supervising the continuous and correct workflow. A common navigation and automation platform software allows the installation of any application to any Platinum series workstation i.

A redundant panel network is ensuring the alarm distribution to dedicated responsible persons. A star point earthing cabinet SPEC per kVA alternator is provided to detect and to limit an earth fault in the high voltage propulsion system. The transformers for propulsion and distribution are totally enclosed with side mounted double tube freshwater coolers AFWF debfg two ventilation fans for providing the necessary air flow.


All drives are rebeg with fixed pitch propellers and are speed controlled by low voltage PWM-Converter drives – supplied via associated propulsion transformer from the V bus bar.

Automation The total system 29552 built up in a decentralized architecture with supervisory computers and autonomous Field Processing Devices connected to a redundant Ethernet data bus network structure. Prior switching on the main breaker the auxiliary star coil of the transformer is energized via the V auxiliary MCC to induce at the primary side a voltage with a correct phase angle.

Debeg rar — pdukes mind of expression

Founded inthe company has been developing and manufacturing azimuth propulsion and manoeuvring systems, complete propulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW, and steering systems for vessels of all sizes and types, for about 60 years.

Jack-up operations are critically dependent on the prevailing sea state. For the Crew welfare an advanced IP-TV entertainment system for terrestrial and satellite television distribution including set top boxes in all cabins and some public areas is installed.

Voyage Data Recorder 2 pcs. The overall design guarantees that a single failure in the system e. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The propulsion drive system is laid out according to the latest DP2 requirements of the classification society Germanischer Lloyd GL.