Best Evidence has ratings and 26 reviews. Pete said: I have to take my hat off to David S. Lifton. The author was just a UCLA Physics student in ‘ 27 Oct KTSA radio host Jack Riccardi speaks with DAVID LIFTON who discusses what is the best evidence we have in the JFK assassination. 1 Nov The Paperback of the Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David S. Lifton at Barnes & Noble.

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Mick rated it really liked besf Jun 17, How do you explain reports of a hearse delivering a plain casket with JFK in a body bag vs. This is a book that truly belongs on the shelf of anyone seeking the truth about the JFK assassination. Kennedy conspiracy theorists Living people.

If you are interested in a different take and the concept of “best evidence” – not perfect evidence or DNA or CSI evidenfe give it read.

That is the crux of Lifton’s argument.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Assassination rifle Timeline J. Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald.

Complete farce and an embarrassment to not only empirical researchers, but quite possibly to humanity as a whole. They will embrace or pooh-pooh the concepts and arguments first set down by Mark Evidfnce in “Rush To Judgment”, and none of us will ever know the whole truth.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination | KTSA

Feb 06, Jeff rated it it was amazing. Lifton had acquired these photos after the initial publication of Best Evidencefrom a former Secret Service employee who had made private copies with the permission of Agent Roy Kellerman.


What went on with Kennedy a few months, weeks and days before the shooting? Retrieved May 22, This is Lifton’s premise regarding the Kennedy assassination. At which point, Lifton’s theory becomes very appealing.

Lifton was one of the early Warren Report critics; the book was not published untilbut Lifton’s research efforts began immediately after Life daid frames from the Zapruder film.

I really enjoy reading this book about JFK. What distinguishes Lifton’s work is his concentration on the medical evidence – ostensibly the “best evidence” in any murder case.

David Lifton – Wikipedia

While I believe there was a conspiracy to kill him, I’m not a fanatic about it. I do not put anything past the secret rulers of this country.

I don’t know, but the “lucky shot plus magic bullet” theory is as hard to swallow as any conspiracy theory. Back home for a week to accompany my family to Saudi, I stopped in a bookstore, saw this, and picked it up. Jun 29, Stacy Patterson rated it really liked it. In connection with his body alteration theory, Lifton hypothesized about when and where the alteration took place.

People will believe what they want, make scenarios pro or con conspiracy.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination

He details evidence—using both the Warren Commission documents and original research and interviews with those involved at both Dallas and Bethesda—of a stark and radical change between the descriptions of the wounds by the medical staff at Dallas and those at Bethesda. Lifton born is an American author who wrote the bestseller Best Evidence: Part of the story is how he gets pulled into more research the more he found. If the evidence presented in this book is as the author claims, it does seem to point to a plot and cover-up of major proportions.


Kennedy on November 22,but none quite so bizarre as David Lifton’s, a theory that makes all previous speculation about the president’s murder Unlike some researchers, he was never in this for the money; in fact, I don’t know how he managed to support himself over the 15 years or so he devoted to this case. I now fully understand his forty year pain. Retrieved May 21, I’ve read this twice, and will read it again at least once more before I make my final journey.

In that report Lifton discovered a phrase in the report that caught his attention Referring to the deceased president on the autopsy table the autopsy prosector stated: Jul 24, Dick Baldwin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I definitely learned more from this book than in my ‘s history class.

A successful conspiracy, therefore, requires less than a handful of people to control the primary source of evidence.