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Overall, changing entire organizations is both feasible and straight-forward, given the right method, and I would just add one hint: Niels Pflaeging am 9. Most people just need some practical help on the work floor semcl change the way they think about their peers or the importance of what their teams do.

The Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management – Semco

As a coach, I try to influence that thinking. Yeah, we heard all that before! This notion is wrong!

It describes in detail all relevant measures and rules that have been implemented at Semco over more than two decades. Because they had a different kind of human material there that made it all possible. I hope I did not follow that blaming pattern in my article here — because Taylor is actually one of my heroes, and I like to highlight that whenever I can.

And then, point to this as a target for other departments and the organization, as a whole?

Management – Entrepreneurship

Smco leadership, like you pledge? Fortunately, it works the same way in the other direction. But it is the biggest trap in any change initiative. September Thanks for this enlightening article. I have explained their cases and described their unusually smart practices, their principles and discoveries on the way of transformation.


Der Lebensmittelhersteller Felix Austria hat erkannt: Few people actually made the change. Sis Joynson am Everyone is amazed by those few exceptional organizations They are WOW!

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

Or as they say in the US: Internal examples help just as little as external ones. It gives an overview on its main characteristics like risk factors, symptoms and possible means to reduce these risks. Mixing that up actually creates barriers to change. And the article here somewhat touches on that.

September very interesting read — thanks Niels. No, the future of work and organizational leadership is tangible. What you describe provides mgrs with a very save stance for going into change or actually intentionally? Reply Niels Pflaeging am 9.

There is no such thing as people resisting change. We cannot do that here — our people are not prepared the way they were! You know what I mean? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. I think you are completely right about the mistake of blaming Frederick Taylor for things he did not do or did not even remotely intend. Thank you for the enlightening article. In fact, I believe in System 1 thinking propagated by Daniel Kahneman, and based on that believe nobody really wants to do work — Theory X or Y, the lazy brain wants to do the least amount of work and get away with it!

One of my heroes, organizational scientist Douglas McGregor was the first to figure out the power of that crippling, and misleading image of human nature that we hold in our heads and hearts about other people, around 55 years ago. September Hi Ilja.


Ricardo Semler by Eva on Prezi

It has been a fascinating experience. Any idea how to overcome that? What I am looking for in any organization is that kind of behaviour. September Hans-Juergen, I think your conclusion about best practice conferences is spot-on. I have written entire books and papers filled with the stories of the Toyotas of systdm world. The question remains how to end the Theory X prejudice and firmly establish Theory Y thinking.

Maybe, I thoughtmaybe we cannot learn from pioneers like Syetem or Toyota because the good example is not the point! Semco SA is a Brazilian Company operating in the service and industrial sector. So even is culturally aware Theory Y organizations, you need some Theory X management semxo sustain that culture and belief!

I figure internal examples might work just as well as external examples…. As for Semco, Toyota and the likes: What are their strengths? How are other persons? Those are great topics for further discussion!

Not only in the minds of some outstanding thinkers, high-minded idealists, quirky innovators and lofty utopians — or people like you who are reading this blog! What I mean is this: Also to get back to your question. Then I ask you: Today, the knowledge economy favours Theory Y. Our way systemm get there, is to define with a company a certain direction and goal of that, what they like to achieve.