Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi. Translated by Titus Burckhardt. A selection from the Rasa’il al-darqawiyya, an important document among the Sufi . THE first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, published in , while admitting the importance of the Darqāwī order (see Derkāwā) in Morocco and Algeria. Mawlay al-‘Arabi ad-Darqawi.. letters from the Shaykh to the Fuqara on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I advise all of you, elite and common.

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The hands are folded in standing and sitting as in tashahhud. Then I was hard pressed, in need of my Lord.

As for himself, by Allah, he had gone with those who go and won with those who have won, and the curse of Allah is on the liars. Whoever wants might should be content with abasement. That is where his tomb is now.

His state, may Allah be pleased with him, would change, his skin would tremble, and his eyes would become red when he mentioned the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, or thought about him, peace be upon him. He would insist on the prayer very strongly because of what he saw darrqawi it of harmony and intimate conversation and the fact that it is where baraka and mercy descends.

It was his habit and his duty. This is different from the one whose natural disposition letters is to acquire knowledge alone or action alone.


How unfortunate is this son of Adam! We have danced with Darqawa, Supped at their table, yes, And much, much more, I And you have sung the same song, The song of the sultan of love.

Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi

They are well-known and places to visit and honour for both the common and the elite. We would like whoever is at home or on a journey to do it as long as he is alive. My master, the teaching sharif Abu’l-Hasan Sidi ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, taught it to me in a different form which is more exact and more to the point. That was what the self was given.

Whoever wants life should be content with death.

Full text of “The Darqawi Way, “

He recited the seven readings of the Qur’an in order in the Noble Rawda, the meadow of the Prophet, may Allah darqaei him and grant him peace. Abandon the company of people. It is a distance of about two days from the city of Fes which is protected by Allah.

We are content with less than that, but only lettres ignorant person is content with anything less than arrival. He said, may Allah be pleased with him, “Once I was on the point of an act of rebellion when I was young with someone I desired.

Their selves have been put at rest after struggle and suffering. If it had not lettters for his ignorance, he would not have needed anything except Allah.


If you had only tasted something of the meaning of our words you would already be experiencing every inner state.

Letters On The Spiritual Path

There is no house in which I sit That you do not sit beside me. All in one voice and one direction, in full, in the middle, and in deficiency, with la ilaha illa’llah and the Name of Majesty, by the tongue and heart, according to ranks. Sometimes it lies in sleep and sometimes in staying awake. The Messenger of Allah is the guarantor.

He is the gnostic. I tried to turn my thoughts time and again from it but it would not leave me. It was in the middle without excess or not doing enough. We would like Sidi Ahmad ibn ‘Ajiba to urge the slaves of Allah to be truthful in their words and actions, and we would like him to urge them to be scrupulous.

At other times he would go bareheaded and barefoot, begging in the markets and other places. Yet our Lord — glory be to Him! You should learn what outward knowledge is necessary since our Lord is only worshipped by means of it.

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