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In the second half of the 20th century, sienkiewicz was still an author shaping the tastes of readers in a stronger way than contemporary writers. The variables of the interest in these authors, measured by the frequency spychalksi entering questions into krzyacmi google search engine, can be seen on the following chart: The fate of the protagonists intertwine with dramatic historical events but their activities do not change the course of events know from historical elaborations.

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The first of them concerns the relationship of the subject with its own past in the individual-subjective dimension and with the past of the community the subjects identifies spychalsoi. Sapkowski is also an ar- dent reader of sienkiewicz what is also emphasized in the mentioned interviews.

Creation of subsequent soviet republics is connected with murdering the elites and destroying civilization achievements. Fantasy literature, which was born in more or less the same time as historical fantasy, is based on similar foundation — combination of scientific dsriusz and consciously created literary fiction in one narrative. Such vi- sion of an alternative history of europe is depicted by Jacek Piekara in a popular cycle of books e.

Combination of history and fantasy poked, of course, not a new phe- nomenon in literature and has been present in it at least since the times of chivalric romance created in the 16th and 17th centuries, through romantic literature and gothic novel. SuperNova 11 Polish edition: Click here to sign up.

An additional stimulant for the development of historical fantasy was the discussion over de-totalizing historiography, refusing great historiographical narratives and subjec- tivizations of the image of the past — the discussion being conducted both in the field of theory of historiography and philosophy of history3, as well as in the field of theory of literature4. The Polish society of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is already different.

Also, the second world war do not happen and nazi death camps are not created. Howard or even J. He is a Homer of the second class, he is a Dumas Father of the first class. Average interest measured in relative data, on a scale is therefore, in the case of Sienkiewicz 32 for a school month and 7 for a holiday month.


Similar relation can be also ;oker for other au- thors. The figures described by his colorful pen became 2 Linda Hutcheon, The politics of spycchalski. Lower Silesia and Prague during Hussite wars. The past is treated more as a virtual reality — not existing in a material way, but having an effect in practice.

The first group includes fantastic creatures in the sense of their relation to historiography — that is, currently consid- ered as fantastic: The broad definition of the phenomenon, proposed by this scholar, drawn from the considerations of Emil DurkheimMarcel Maussand from research of Stefan Czar- nowski and Claude Levi-Straussenables us to include the category of living history, created in the field of the studies on consciousness, to the later developed categories of collec- tive memory, including functional memory of Aleida Assmann.

Although it shares at least declaratively many of symbolic values of its ancestors, however, it experiences the presence of history in the current times in a different way. Besides, we have here fictional characters similarly as in historical literatureas well as fantastic creatures, which can be di- vided into two groups. Ann Rigney, Imperfect histories: Because of that, the conflict between Poland and Lithuania and the teutonic order is not only a historical, but also a mystical necessity.

From Andrzej Kmicic to Witcher.

But that how it is 5 See: Help Center Find new research papers in: Due to the distortions of particular emanations, the originally harmonious universe found its self in the state of war — here Domagalski appears in front of the reader not only as an author-fantast, but also as an interpreter of the gnostic text and 21 See: Those, trans- forming into wolfs and gifted with superhuman speed and strength, arrive when summoned, but there are too few of them to be able to change the course of history.

As co-authors, but at the same time the authors of particular texts contributing to this publication, we differ in methodological choices and in the ways of presenting the results of our studies. Answering to this question, the authors express a belief about the necessity of complementary approach: He had an enormous influence on Polish historical imagination throughout long decades, imposing visions of 17th century, Middle Ages and Ancient Rome.

Application of digital data and adequate methods of digital hu- manities raises the question about the possibility of substituting, or making redundant, traditional hermeneutic methods used in the field of humanities. They are fol- lowed by their carriers in the material reality — the Awakened people gifted by the emanations with powerful possibilities but, at the same time, bound by destiny.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

The author indicates, paradoxically, positive conse- quences of such course of events both in the global scale, as well as the individual one. Alternative History and Historical Fantasy in Poland at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries Since the mids, we have been able to observe an increas- ing interest in fantasy literature, especially its sub-genre: Moreover, fantasy literature is, similarly to historiography, extraordinarily strongly interested in the question of causality, time 1 See: The knowledge of Trilogy but not only of it was therefore a kind of a language, it was building a sense of participation in culture and history, even a sense of belonging to the nation.

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Already at the beginning of the s one could have had an impression that Sienkiewicz and specifically his historical trilogy does not age with time. In the s, this popularity grew and crossed Polish borders thanks to the cycle of novels about witcher, and to a comic book and board games devoted to this character.

Victor Gollancz Ltd, Remember me on this computer. The author not only performs quantitative operations on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location. However, the prose he created belongs to the genre of historical fantasy, which is intensely developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia. This is not the end of the fantastic aspects of the book. Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently.

Firstly, if we take a closer look at the data coming from trends. It is also difficult to find in the history of literature an example of a similar enchantment of a nation, a more magical effect on the imagination of masses. A fantastic element of the novel is an inclusion of a futuristic, AI-controlled technology which gives a possibility of going back in time to a military unit in order to fix the mistakes that had occurred on the battlefield. This is what Marcin Wolski, a Polish author working on among others alternative history does.

The cosmologic war on the Tree of Life causes another sefiras being forced to chose between one of the sides of the conflict. The last one is, in the alternative reality, not so much a prominent Polish poet and a bard, but rather an inexorable and fanatical politician ac- cusing the entrepreneur of selling patents for ether weapon to rus- sians who supposedly used the opportunity and pacified a Polish up- rising in Lithuania aimed at attaching that province to the Duchy of warsaw.

Some facts may confirm the connection of the interest in Sienk- iewicz with the school practice.