Here’s the manufacturer’s information: “With a variety of hilarious activities, Cranium Cadoo gets kids thinking, creating, giggling, grinning, and laughing like . Here is a link to the official rules, the one on the hasbro site is no longer . To play Cranium Cadoo, assemble the players, and take turns completing Cadoo ends, place tokens on the game board according to the card’s instructions.

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To get four counters in a row in any direction. If they roll purple, they go to the next Planet Cranium space. Sculpturades requires one player to mold the included putty into craniu, for the other player s to guess the word or phrase being sculpted. The board is laid out as a circuit, consisting of different coloured spaces.

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Posted on Feb 15, Place your tokens 4. Feb 01, Cranium Cadoo Board Game.

Posted by kaye jordan on Nov 15, Paper and Pencil Draw cool things. Jan 01, Cranium Cadoo Board Game. A game suitable for children which is entertaining for adults at the same time.

Acting is to be performed in front of all the teams. How can this be resolved. Object of the Game Be the first to get a Cadoo four tokens in a row—across, up, down, or diagonally and win!

When a team reaches the end of the path, they must place their mover on the black space that with the deck name that corresponds to the color of their roll.

Need cranium cadoo instruction manuel. Each colour corresponds to a question card category. Whether the activity is completed successfully or not, the turn always ends after one card.


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Cranium WowA similar game to the original with new cards and activities from Cranium Turbo. Put the hullabaloo game nearby and turn it on, button near batteries. They have to make the other players guess the hidden word within the time limit using the method acting, drawing or sculpting given on the card.

The main issue is that there are only cards. A special 6-sided dice. Both markers count for getting four in a row.

Success means the player whose turn it is gets to place a counter on an empty space on the board and the player who guessed correctly gets to place one of their ctanium counters in the same space. How to play in teams If you have more than four players, you can play Cadoo in teams.

Instructions for cranium cadoo – Cranium Cadoo Board Game

Jan 31, Cranium Cadoo Board Game. Star Performer These green cards are themed around acting out clues with a vague hint such as in charadesacting and speaking like a famous person or fictional character but without using proper names, or humming or whistling a popular tune to cadoo your group to guess the song, such as with Hummdingers.

In teams, game play works almost the same. It doesn’t casoo if one player is particularly good at drawing, for instance, as everyone has the opportunity to benefit from their expertise. Cranium Cadoo Die Roll it to see which deck of cards you draw from.

Not finding what you cranim looking for? Players start by drawing a caption card from the deck and must draw the caption, then pass to ru,es player who captions what they believe the other person has drawn, then draw said caption. Both of you can use that spot to go for your four-in-a-row Cadoo. They continue play in the normal fashion, except that when they complete an activity successfully, they keep the card, and instead of rolling the die, they move clockwise to the next black space.


Combo – The player reads the instructions on the card out loud. Can you see what it is yet? With acting, drawing, sculpting and quiz questions, this is every party game ever devised all rolled into one. The only penalty for not getting a Rulse Cranium right is not being able to take an extra move.

Limited number of questions. Purple clay will make those with beige carpets feel nervous.

Factoid cards present a question that your team must answer outright, and a third type of card requires your team to evaluate a statement to determine whether it is true or false. Cranium Turbo EditionA version of Cranium designed for a faster game.

Click “Add” to insert your video. Timer Beat the timer on every challenge. But you can win only on a SOLO card! Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. Incorporates a musical timer and magnetic drawing pad. A certain level of drawing and sculpting ability is also an advantage