couplage excitation-contraction. Synonyme(s). couplage électro-mécanique ; couplage électromécanique ;electro-mechanical coupling ;electromechanical. Circ Res. Apr 1;96(6) Triadin: the new player on excitation- contraction coupling block. Morad M, Cleemann L, Knollmann BC. Comment on Circ Res. In skeletal muscle fibers, the coupling between excitation of the surface This excitation-contraction (EC) uncoupling may contribute to muscle.

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excitation-contraction coupling – French translation – Linguee

Click here for the english version. Elevation of intracellular, free calcium ion concentration is an. In addition, the impact of the global downturn is already reflected in the.

T he motors ar e connected at the factory when the fi el d voltage i s specified in [ Please click on the reason for your vote: The wrong words are highlighted. Si les chercheurs se proposent d’effectuer des. It remains to examine what th e effects o n competition are of linking the collection service for commercial packaging to the collection of packaging in the household sector.

Effect of local cooling on excitation-contraction coupling in myasthenic muscle: Please check your Internet connection and reload this page. The analysis found that the rudder rotation frequency increased significantly due to the missing rudder mass.

During autom at i c coupling i t i s permitted for a temporary position to be arranged before f in a l coupling i s e ffected. Verser mL de tampon de cacodylate de sodium de 0,15 M dans une carafe en verre et refroidir sur glace. The budget would quickly move into surplus in this scenario as a result of declining interest payments.


On sait que les canaux sodiques [ Fix t h e coupling h e ad s in the empty couplings. An unexpected error occurred.

A subscription to J o VE is required to view this article. Because of their lack of ability to match the bundle offer, these component [ Additional symptoms may include dizziness, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, weight [ However, the authors [ Ensuite, cela affecterait la dynamique spatio-temporelle du calcium la signalisation dans les cardiomyocytes 1 Application.

This DC machine is of the permanentmagnet type [ Capteur de pression comprenant: Elevation of intracellular, free calcium ion concentration is an [ A pressure sensor comprising: Unable to load video.

Another mechanism of ice-pack test in myasthenia gravis. A planar dielectric optical sensor platform comprising a transparent substrate a to which a thin transparent waveguiding layer b of an inorganic material is applied, which sensor.

En revanche, les chercheurs n’ont [ We investigated the underlying mechanism of the ice-pack test performed on bilateral masseters. Le programme Abdos autorise un travail intensif des muscles abdominaux en [ This is not a good example for the translation above.

In other species such effects were rarely present, except [ Measuring Fast Calcium Fluxes in Cardiomyocytes. They are also essential players in other forms of cell-cell communication suc h a s excitation – s couplagee cr e coullage o n coupling. Cela fera en sorte que la plupart du volume cellulaire est saisie dans le champ de vision. There are nip and shear points in the area of t h e coupling p o in t between the tractor and the machine.


Figure 6 b et 6 de la Figure montrent une distribution typique de cluster RyR en rouge au sein de la topologie cellulaire 3D.

The ice-pack test is a convenient diagnostic testing procedure for myasthenia gravis MG. However, the authors [ Isolation and Cultivation of Adult Rat Cardiomyocytes. A method for activating a sieve frame with ultrasound, wherein the sieve frame 1 is activated as a longitudinal vibrator over a coupling element 2which is formed from at least two parallel longitudinal [ Aligning rigid, flexible, or Spacer couplings with 1 or 2 coupling a r ra ngements dv-groupe.

En revanche, les chercheurs n’ont. Isolation of Cardiomyocyte Nuclei from Post-mortem Contractiion. Pipeter le fixateur dehors et remplacez-le par assez tampon de cacodylate de sodium 0. Your institution must subscribe to JoVE’s Bioengineering section to access this content. A-C Masque binaire du sarcolemme, les myofibrilles et les mitochondries, respectivement. Si les chercheurs se proposent d’effectuer des [ Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access: