Convivir con el trastorno bipolar. Front Cover. Eduard Vieta i Pascual, Vieta, Francesc Colom, Francesc Colom i Victoriano. Médica Panamericana, : Convivir Con El Trastorno Bipolar/ Coexisting With Bipolar by Eduard Vieta Pascual; Francesc Colom I Victoriano and a great selection of. Convivir con el Trastorno Bipolar. VIETA PASCUAL, Eduard / COLOM VICTORIANO, Francesc. Published by Panamericana, Madrid (). Used. Softcover.

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Convivir con el trastorno bipolar. A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study. Functional remediation therapy for bipolar disorder. Update on the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder. A critical systematic review. Mixed features in bipolar disorder. Review of the present and insights into colok future.

The treatment of mixed states and the risk of switching to depression. Executive dysfunction in bipolar disorder. Anorexia nervosa and cancer: Characteristics, congruity between patients and relatives, and clinical correlates. Big Bieta in mental health: Lower rate of depressive switch following antimanic treatment with second-generation antipsychotics versus haloperidol.

A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Managing Bipolar Disorder in Clinical Practice. The Impact on Health Service Use. Clinical expression of bipolar dosorder type I as a function of age and polarity at onset: Validation and evaluation of objective and subjective tools.


Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya: Search Results

Systematic review of a neglected issue in clinical practice. Trastornos bipolares y esquizoafectivos.

Review of the Evidence. Restoring functioning in bipolar disorder: Mood stabilizers and antipsychotics during breastfeeding: Hostile attributions in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia contribute to poor social functioning.

Functional outcome in bipolar disorder: Psychiatric correlates of deliberate self-harm in male prison inmates. Suicide attempts in major depressive episode: Psychoeducation for bipolar patients. New blooms and old thorns. Clinical staging in bipolar disorder: Risperidone in the treatment of acute mania: Main clinical features and clues for an accurate diagnosis. Prophylactic antidepressant treatment of interferon-induced depression in chronic hepatitis C: Patterns of drug treatment for manic episode in the clinical practice.

Clinical, cognitive, and neuroimaging evidence of a neurodevelopmental continuum in offspring of probands with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder: Psychoeducation manual for bipolar disorder. Genome-wide association study of 40, individuals identifies two novel loci associated with bipolar disorder.

Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorders: Effective maintenance treatment–breaking the cycle of bipolar disorder. Predominant polarity in bipolar disorders: Subsyndromal depressive symptoms in patients with bipolar and unipolar disorder during clinical remission.


Search results

Midline brain abnormalities across psychotic and mood disorders. Safety, tolerability, and risks associated with first- and second-generation antipsychotics: Mixed states in DSM Increased hippocampal, thalamus and amygdala volume in long-term lithium-treated bipolar I disorder patients compared with unmedicated patients and healthy subjects.

Methodological recommendations for cognition trials in bipolar disorder by the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Targeting Cognition Task Force.

Use filters to refine the search results: Internet use convlvir patients with bipolar disorder: Review, grading of the evidence and a precise algorithm. Cognition as a target in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. Cognitive impairment in schizoaffective disorder: Dopamina y trastorno bipolar.

Neuroprogression and staging in bipolar disorder.

Depression in bipolar disorder versus major depressive disorder: Validity and reliability of a rating scale on subjective cognitive deficits in bipolar disorder COBRA. An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

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