The following are the Appendixes found in The Companion Bible published by Kregel Publications of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Appendixes to The Companion. Appendixes To The Companion Bible This is a concise look at the work of E.W Bullinger,. putting together a deeper understanding of scripture. in these well. (Bullinger’s name cannot be found anywhere in the Companion Bible. It is said he with over 69, cross references and detailed Appendices w/Images!.

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The 15th day of Nisan, commenced at sunset on what we should call the 14th. The Usage of Negatives in the New Testament. About the sixth hour our Tuesday midnight Pilate said ” Behold your King “. The Dynasty of Omri. The Greek Text commpanion the New Testament.

Gementria in Christ’s Geneaolgy. It follows, therefore, that the Lord being crucified on ” the preparation day ” could not have eaten of the Passover lamb, which was not slain until the evening of the 14th of Nisan that is to say, afternoon.

The Fourfold Ministry of Our Lord. Reckoning back from this, ” three days and three cokpanion ” Matthew The lamb abolished, bread and wine substituted.


Thus giving the English reader a clearer understanding of the Hebrew language, never before available to English students. The Synonymous Words for “Perfect”.

The escape of Lazarus. Buried in haste before sunset our Wednesday about 6 p. The Two Entries into Jerusalem.

E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible Notes and Appendixes

Therefore Wednesday, Nisan 14th commencing on the Tuesday at sunsetwas ” the preparation day “on which the crucifixion took place: The Usage of Ruach Spirit. The Greek Text of the New Testament. The Synonymous Words for “Perfect”. The Divine Names And Titles. Italic Type in the Revised Version. The Synonymous Words for “Life”. The Synonymous Words for “Poor” etc. A Study in Pentecost. The Synonymous Words appendjces “True”. Structures or Parallel Lines.

Summary of the Divine Plan. The Evidences For One Authorship. The Synonymous Words for “Send”, “Sent”, etc. The Two Entries into Jerusalem. They go to Gethsemane. Thus it is clear, that if the killing of the Passover lambs did not commence until about four hours after our Lord had been hanging upon the Cross, and would not have been concluded at the ninth hour 3 p.

The Synonymous Words for “Child”, “Children”etc. The Synonymous Words for “Hell”, etc. The Synonymous Words for “Judgment”. See the subject appeneices discussed in Appendix The “Kingdom” and The “Church”. The Synonymous Words used for “Man”. The Synonymous Words for “Wash”. The Synonymous Words for “Power”etc.


The Synonymous Words for “Poor” etc. The supper eaten, the ” New Covenant ” made Jeremiah The Readings Called Severin.

Appendixes of the Companion Bible

Jeremiah, A Type of The Messiah. The Use of Nephesh in the Old Testament. The Synonymous Words for “Know”, “Knowledge”etc. The Synonymous Words for “Pray” and “Prayer”. He goes out of the city probably to Bethany; see Luke The “Eightteen Emendations” of the Sopherim. Three Spheres of Blessing. Now, while it is quite correct to speak according to Hebrew idiom of ” three days ” or ” three years “while they are only parts of three days or three years, yet that idiom does not apply in a case like this, where ” three nights ” are mentioned in addition to ” three days “.

Discussion with Pilate about the Inscriptions Appendix