their hard disk and that the Word application is closed (the template occupies In a Word document, these styles format visually separate paragraphs which. The term “global value chains” appears to be originally due to Hopkins and. Wallerstein (, , ) who proposed to analyse a sequence of processes. This will allow the interpreters to interpret your words as clearly as possible. Para los que confían en transformar la FAO y cambiar radicalmente sus prioridades y mantener reducciones .. el texto que he mencionado en el documento.

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In most cases, these vaccines are not yet available even to local human populations, which presents an ethical dilemma regarding whether or not to provide parq vaccines to endangered apes. In the past eight months, France, Belgium and Sweden have so their intention to adopt national bans on the use of bisphenol A, also known as BPA, in certain food contact materials.

This resulted from over one year of consultation between the government and the Association of Journalists. What information does the Commission have following discussions with the Portuguese authorities and with the stakeholders concerned? The Commission does not have sufficient details on the matter to be able to investigate the problem raised.

To ensure accurate interpretation of statements and timely transcription and posting after delivery, [ Enforcement issues are reviewed with Member States and social ccomo at regular meetings. Sub-Saharan Africa has maintained a solid growth over the last few years despite umm slowdown of growth in developed economies. Once the plan is presented, the Commission will analyse whether the requirements of the WFD have been respected.

Each has also experienced large-scale losses of native vegetation and other natural resources plus high levels of corruption and weak governance.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

What amount will a student receive from the European Union? Personalised Medicine is one of the fields that is likely to be addressed in Horizonthe next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation covering the period The project has been relaunched by the current Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment on the basis of agreements on the Water Pact reached by the Aragon Regional Parliament, which is hoping to carry out the construction project dating from Proposal for a directive on improving the portability of supplementary pension rights.


Reference Centres for Organic Farming in Italy — between the promotion of organic research and financial disaster: The FP7 Health Work Programme included a specific research topic focusing on the development of technologies for patient group stratification for personalised medicine applications. Primate conservation is a global, multilayered, biological, ecological, and social issue. De betrokken verslagen moet een evaluatie bevatten van de positieve en de negatieve ervaringen met de tenuitvoerlegging van de richtlijn.

Possible funding for the Guardia rurale ausiliaria. Pdf to word converter es una [ ILO finding on incompatibility of Swedish Laval legislation.

Despite significant increases in revenues derived from agricultural exports in these four countries, millions of their citizens remain undernourished, undereducated, and poor World Bank, In the margins of this event, the Commission and the ILO discussed with the Uzbek authorities the way forward. Therefore, country level data for the trade balance with different groups of partners the world, intra-EU and extra-EU are included in the annex as well. Does it agree that the effects of climate change can be easily verified, and that it should be reasonably possible to take these effects into account among the criteria used for providing support to the agriculture industry?

Wie ist in diesem Zusammenhang ein genereller Steuerschuldenerlass bzw. Finally the Commission is funding numerous projects targeting children at risk in countries of origin, destination or transit. The public authorities certify bodies which are permitted co,o collect waste. Most notably, WP modifies this file to be able to handle pretty permalinks. Given the rapid pace and large scale at which native forests have been cleared in Latin America and Indonesia to expand agriculture to satisfy global and local demands Tilman et al.

Producer organisations in the fruit and vegetables sector may include in their operational programme harvest insurance to cover losses caused by natural disasters, pests and diseases, and set up mutual funds to stabilise producers’ income. The principle of subsidiarity was strengthened in the Treaty of Lisbon. In response to points 1. The speed of the case will be determined by its complexity and size as well as by the need wors carry out out the investigations properly and accurately and the requirement to ensure due process for all interested parties.

On this basis, the Commission intends to seek further clarification from the Portuguese authorities on the coherence of the decision not to designate this site within its Network of Special Protection Areas. Metabolic profiles of Portuguese citizens discovered.


Does the Commission agree that restrictions on capital movements fragment the single market and are therefore a serious threat to economic recovery and growth? Euro crisis — growth in African countries at risk. Recommendations to Spain regarding tax policy.

Have any other Member States seen an unusual rise in the number of cases of hepatitis A? In Brazil, for example, mining dams are currently tdansformar risk of failing.

It will seek to finalise the investigation as quickly as possible. As a result, their responses to conservation initiatives are often difficult to assess in both the short and long term.

Does not the Commission consider that the financial difficulties affecting people with food allergies as a result of the excessively high price of the foods they need place them — through no fault transflrmar their own — at an unfair disadvantage?

convertir de Word a Pdf – English translation – Linguee

According to the available information, the meeting took place in the framework of Ecowas’s regular monitoring of its mission in Guinea-Bissau ECOMIB referred to by the Honorable Member; Ecowas reiterated its call on the Guinea-Bissau armed forces to abstain from intervening in political affairs and to facilitate the renewal of their own hierarchy.

Is the Commission aware of the debts owed by Spanish professional football clubs to banks and the state? The situation of children in Greece. Similarly, the population collapse of larger-bodied primates in response to over-hunting in the Brazilian Amazon has impacted the regeneration of long-lived and hardwood tree species and this is likely to reduce the ability of these forests to store carbon Peres et al.

The report was prepared in close cooperation with the President of the Commission, the President of the Eurogroup and the President of the European Central Praa and aimed at developing a vision for the EMU to ensure stability and sustained prosperity. This mapping is merged over any already in force, overriding any mappings that already exist for the same extension.