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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Medicina Buenos Aires an International Symposium was held at the National Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires on the th of Octoberunder the title of Clinical investigation in the next millennium. Thus, the paleo-mouth of the Danube river contains a high quality archive for the study of the paleohydrology of the Danube River and by extension of the European climate changes during the last 30 kyr.

Como Cura La Arcilla

Two cores were collected from a marsh surrounding the Bailey River, 10 km north of Sudbury, Ontario, using a Russian peat borer. These data show that the richness of the grassland native ornamental flora is high, even though its use is poorly known. Interpretations were made from each data set comprising gamma ray logs, described sedimentological cores showing sedimentary features and ichnological characteristics; these were integrated to define the depositional settings. The different behavior induced varying sediment charges, sediment distribution and sediment types.

The use of fossil diatoms have sought to establish the evolution of the paleoecological and sedimentary processes, a section of paleolake in the warehouse Loma Camacho, Liberia-Guanacaste. The southern coastal strip of the bay has been systematically marginalized by the valuation processes which have dominated the region of the Pampas. This analysis showed that the Pampas shallow lakes do not behave in the same way to the rainfall events. The sedimentology of uranium-bearing sandstones on the farm Ryst Kuil Beaufort West area.

The cluster of infected farms was located in the west region of La Pampa. Modern ocean sediments serve as the interface between the biosphere and the geosphere, play a key role in biogeochemical cycles and provide a window on how contemporary processes are written into the sedimentary record.


This has had a significant impact on agriculture and the environment. This study shows the first detection of Chlamydiaceae and C.

Full Text Available Arabidopsis arenosa is a close relative of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, and exists in nature as stable diploid and autotetraploid populations. The reason for this lack of definite conclusions is that this area has been given less attention than in other parts of the world; the response lw soil fauna to agricultural practices is complex and taxa.

The BR1 core 1. The general method is established, including determinations of probability and standard deviation. Alpine faults also are related to contemporaneous east-west folds and these faults have displaced Permo-Triassic uranium deposits. Results illustrate that existing conceptual models may be overly simplistic, although elements of each of the three conceptual models are evident in the deposits generated by the numerical simulation.

Patterns acilla variation in the diatom paleocommunities are determined and have been recognized different species. Three main flow systems are revealed by the palaeocurrent analysis, showing good correspondence with the reconstructed palaeoriver system. Negros y pardos en Buenos Aires, The Pampa Deprimida has wet climate, with mean annual precipitation about mm, mean annual temperature ranging o C and alternating of multiannual dry and humid periods Iriondo and Drago, All of the 29 species had clear seasonality with regard to occurrence and abundance, but only seven species were identified as being influenced by temperature and humidity.

We explore these feedback mechanisms and critically review the extent of current interaction between the different domo. Channels comprised of a variety of architectural elements and depositional lobes are the main elements of the Marsili deep-sea fan where, apparently, sedimentation occurs mainly through debris flow processes.

A counterclockwise P-T evolution affected these rocks, i. Examples from fluvial systems in North Queensland and Western Australia. High-resolution sedimentological and subsidence analysis of the Late Neogene, Pannonian Basin, Hungary. The La Cjra metagabbros are interpreted to be originated as a result of the extension that took place in a back-arc setting coevally with the Famatinian magmatic arc very poorly exposed in the western part of the study area.


ARCILLA – Definition and synonyms of arcilla in the Spanish dictionary

The cores and well logs analyses revealed seven lithofacies representing fluvial, deltaic and lacustrine depositional environments. Full Text Available The sustainability of continuous cropping systems depends heavily on the years of intensive agricultural production and the choice of crop sequence that alters the fractions of soil organic matter.

Detailed sedimentological and paleontological analyses were carried out on more than 13, m of core from ten boreholes in the Late Neogene sediments of the Pannonian Basin, Hungary.

The farms were classified attending to two criteria: The preservation of similar origin halite deposits in the stratigraphic record is briefly discussed. Therefore, the main objective of this work was to study their diversity and distribution in grasslands of the Southern Pampas region Laprida county, Buenos Aires province, as one of the most affected areas.

Minor high energy probably beach condition is indicated by some individual clasts from the conglomeratic sandstone facies with sphericity and OP index values less that 0. In this note we consider arculla unique astronomical flavor, an issue which has not been sufficiently emphasized yet.

In addition, the behavior of the Tuy River discharge plume was evaluated using remote sensors, and its effect on the population abundance and size structure of the clam Tivela mactroides was determined.

The types of sediments subject to analysis included palaeochannel filling, accumulation on the river floodplain and colluvial deposits.