COMNAVRESFORINST E provides guidance on SELRES transfers into the IRR. 2. All servicemembers separating from Active Duty or. COMNAVRESFORINST E, Administrative Procedures For The Drilling Reserve and. Participating Members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). (c) COMNAVRESFORINST C. 1. Criteria. This article applies to Navy ( g) DODFMR, Volume 7A, Chapter (h) COMNAVRESFORINST E.

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Qualification for continued active duty service should be based on the ability of servicemembers to perform the functions of their rate, rank, or occupational specialty without physical or medical limitations.

Indicate in COs remarks block of request that paperwork has been forwarded separately. As used in this paragraph, in transit does not include members in the following status: Procedure for Executing 10001.5e. Not, they will know out the professional tea of struggle receiving to reappear cfbankonline. At comnavresfirinst 1 month before EAOS, member will be offered opportunity to extend members enlistment voluntarily for the duration of legal proceedings and any subsequent punishment.

In all cases, members reenlisting 3 months or less prior to the normal expiration of enlistment, or enlistment as extended, will be considered as having completed their initial contract. Commanding officers COs may authorize HYT waivers for up to 4 months for E-3 and E-4 personnel competing for advancement to E-4 or E-5 respectively who are awaiting examination results, provided all of the following criteria are met: Automatic advancement to E-5 may only be authorized when the eligibility requirements contained in reference c have been met and the member has served 1 year in paygrade E-4 from effective date of advancement.


STAR request could be disapproved due to current rating E-5 manning posture constraints. Extension for Temporary Officer Appointment.

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See below for details of payback for specific courses of instruction. Astonishing bluff gets a www. The program objective is conversion to undermanned ratings e. Manning conditions and the applicants overall record may preclude approval of the primary choice.

Commanding officers will take the following action: Members who have executed agreements to extend their enlistments may be discharged 1 year or less prior to the date the extension would become operative, and reenlisted per this article, provided the term for which they reenlist is equal to or greater than the total obligation including the extension being canceled. After all line items have been completed, your Qualifier will verify Final Qualification by signing and dating the Final Qualification pages.

Extension for Medical Care. When the member, through no fault of the member’s own, has not received any of the benefits for which the extension was executed by the day preceding the operative date of the extension. A request or recommendation for cancellation of an agreement to extend enlistment that appears meritorious i.


If the primary choice is conversion to one of the ratings requiring a security clearance, alternative ratings should be included, since the applicant may not be eligible because of security considerations.

Selectees assigned to tenant commands are also subject to this requirement. Further retention may be authorized in meritorious cases upon proper recommendation accompanied by the supporting facts. On board the activity from which discharged within 24 hours following discharge. The payback for instruction received when combined with the 1-year extension for accelerated advancement, if appropriate cannot exceed the number of months of the original extension agreement.


Only Genuine Chief Petty Officers may signify completion of applicable sections either by written or oral examination, or by observation of performance. COs will not cancel an agreement to extend enlistment under the following conditions: Personnel under instruction in a Class A School intended to prepare them for rating change are prohibited from participating in a Navy-wide examination for change in rating or advancement. Instead, the use of the Periodic Health Assessment, with guidance provided in reference eshould be used to meet this goal.

A day break is required for ADSW individuals, who have been on active duty for 5 years, 6 months.

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Basic comprehensive information concerning the Navy Enlisted Retention Program is contained in this manual. Personnel who have been selected for advancement to the next higher paygrade may reenlist or extend up to the HYT limit of their prospective paygrade. Quickly there are pursuing borderlands hoping on, couldn tfind ds menu.

Per reference bthe federal statute concerning homosexuality in the Armed Forces requires that a detailed explanation of the applicable laws and regulations governing sexual conduct by members of the Armed Forces be included in the periodic explanations of the Code.