Aqualis Caleo high-temperature air-to-water heat pumps are specially .. As part of its policy of continual product improvement, CIAT reserves the right to make. AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and as those offered by CIAT´s Aqualis Caleo product – were limited to 20kw. Consult CIAT’s NAN brochure on MedicalExpo. Aqualis 2’s added benefits The Aqualis 2 heat pump from CIAT is the key AGEO CALEO – NAD.

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Terminal display when the outdoor temperature is less than P9 and only the boiler is authorised. To do so, loosen the screw Fig.

Boiler operation authorised symbol Application: The protective covers may be removed in order to change the circulator speed or reach the release screws. R L Always comply with the appropriate bend radius. Do not tighten these screws to a torque of greater than 1 Nm.


Electrical connection tightness check Outdoor coil cleaning Control check Differential water pressure switch Status of liquid sight glass and leak detection 44 5. The diameters of the tubes are not necessarily the aqualiw as those of the unit. Particularly suited to renovations, the unit is designed to be connected to an optional mixing tank with multiple connections that supplies water to high-temperature radiators.

This packaged unit is designed to be installed outdoors in urban environments.

Access to level-1 customer settings Indicator 0: Setting P6 is used to configure the type of auxiliary installed. If necessary, remove the knockouts Fig.



Check for any water or oil leaks around the unit and make sure the condensate water drains correctly. Make sure the terminals are securely tightened. This can be minimised by following two rules: Go to following day Time and day adjustment, unit off Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Four-cursor display Four-cursor display —————————- Off and reset mode permanent fault —————————- Frost protection mode Unit authorised to produce hot water Go to Comfort mode, Economy mode then Programmed mode.

New generation hermetic scroll compressor with partial vapour injection and RC refrigerant. Connection – Attach the two wires to the terminal Fig. Heating mode The compressor will start up after a few seconds. Turn the terminal dial to one of the following positions: Italiano 4 Location of the unit The installer must check the following points before handling, placing or connecting the unit: Adjusting setting P6 P6 Auxiliary configuration Bypass type by opening of contact on terminal block J2 – terminals 4 and 5 0 No auxiliary units Heat pump turned off 1 Electric auxiliary units Only electric auxiliary units turned off 2 Electric auxiliary units Heat pump and electric auxiliary units turned off 3 Boiler auxiliary Heat pump turned off and boiler turned on e.

D e u t s ch – Open the valves on the water circuits and make sure water is flowing through the heat pump. If the direction of rotation is wrong: You may use refrigerants made with monopropylene glycol or a natural compound containing one or more corrosion inhibitors never use monopropylene glycol by itself; always mix it with corrosion inhibitors.


Always disconnect the unit before attempting to wire connections.

Clean the drain pan. If water installation capacity superior to the values indicated in the technical characteristics table chap 7. Fault management remains on during test mode.

D e u t s ch Installing the filter Filter installation d! Stage-1 electric auxiliary unit operation Indicator 4: The analysis will reveal whether the water is suitable for use with the various materials it will come into contact with and prevent the formation of electrolytic couples: Easy-to-use microprocessor-based MicroConnect remote control unit with many self-regulating functions.

Always comply with applicable standards and regulations. English The differential water pressure switch is a safety component.

Air/water heat pump – AQUACIAT CALEO – CIAT

Check your local electrical codes and regulations. Then check for any leaks.

D e u t s ch If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten them until they are snug then tighten a further quarter turn. Selecting a location In most cases, the control terminal should be placed in the room in which the atmosphere is to be controlled. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Mounting First detach the terminal from its mounting plate, as shown in Fig.