The rules system of Chronopia is pretty simple, however, it is always fun to butcher what someone else worked so hard to design, so here you can find optional. The rules emphasize using better tactics, and not tooling out your characters to win. Each of the All this means that Chronopia is an excellent game. It took a. Back to the Chronopia Rules Board I think this has been reprinted on Chronopia World, and I don’t know where it originally comes from.

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Subsequent AC may be used as normal.

Deserts produce no resources, instead they provide a flat income. Dwarves must declare a Primary clan. Catapults have a limited firing alley.

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Heavy Rain – Visability is reduced to 15″ and all MW scores are at Ships may unload onto any non-mountain hex. Its skirmish style promotes a healthy interaction between players and all units have worth on the battlefield. The number needed to win will depend on how many total units are involved in the battle, all players. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Any other units that are plotted to enter that hex in later phases arrive as reinforcements as described above.


If your units encounter enemy troops or an enemy stronghold then they immediately end their movement in that hex. He starts with 25 XP. The orcs are still brutal and savage, but have a ruling caste and a social structure that is writen in blood and stone. No retreat or mop up is necessary or allowed.

Chronopia Fantasy Miniatures Game

In most of the other systems, the general would rulee destroy all the goblins without breaking a sweat. He may then continue on to your fortification with any legal strength units, any panicked troops automatically rally. If this isolates any further road sections from a Fortress, then a player has until the end of the next Recruitment phase to reconnect them or they are also destroyed.

I have a goblin warchariot, goblin blademasters, elven archers and axemen,some trenchers including the sniperregulars plasticwolfbanes, pathfinders, warhounds, mourning wolves, modded wolfriders selfcreated unit and some heroes You may place as many new recruits or replacements as you can afford on your Home Territory.

In order cbronopia trade chronpia must have at least 1 common border.

Your path of retreat is straight back the path you plotted. We will answer all of your e-mails and questions quickly and process and ship your order within 24 hours. If you make it then each model in the unit must spend its first AC to Move onto the field.

It may not be damaged by thrown weapons or MW except for boulders and ballista bolts. All members in good standing are free to post here. An engine that performs Turning Fire suffers a -4 to its MW. Though all chronopai may move independently of each other, except for totems which must move with an accompanying keeper and bodyguard warbands which must move with their army commander, at the end of ruls movement phase all troops in a single hex must conform to the rules concerning ratios of 1 close combat warband to 1 missile weapon warband and 2 warbands to 1 individual.


When using a rope to climb a manufactured wall you simply use the cliff-climbing chart instead. Each player may place it anywhere on the board at least 18″ in from their deployment edge.

If it is still equal it is your choice.

You may also trade resouces with another player at whatever ratio you both agree on. Michael Thomas mthomas netgenics. Any warbands not listed are considered special.

In addition you now get to add a minimum sized, standard regular, missle weapon warband to the garrison.

Each time a unit is activated you must roll a LD test if successful then proceed as normal. The elves are also no longer noble, pointy-eared, know-it-alls.

But, all is not lost, because there are still five chronopai left to even the score. All units will also have an experience level classification of Green, Regular, Veteran, or Legendary.

This is, by far, my biggest pleasure in this system.