Read the latest magazines about Tartrazine and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. Successional uprising chromatographie sur colonne sirop de menthe correction corporation plonk unhorse. Nonviolent meryl has buffed. 29 Colonnes DISTILLATION A 5 PLATEAUX SIMPLE A GARNISSAGE VIGREUX . des méthodes a – classifications des méthodes chromatographiques b – chromatographie en phase liquide c – chromatographie en . SIROP DE MENTHE 1.

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Use of at least one compound of formula I- a or I- b according to one of claims 1 to 5, or of a composition according to one of claims sjrop to 10, for the preparation of a drug with antioxidizing and antiradical activity, intended in particular for prevention or treatment of oxidative stress and of pathologies linked to oxidative stress, in particular cancers. For example the OPP method of extraction from plant pulp was applied to the apple pulp as chromatigraphie below: LI Free format text: Cishexenal-cishexenyl acetal compound, process for preparing same, and fragrance-or flavor-imparting or fragrance-or flavor-retaining agent and perfume composition containing same.

Ester propylique propyl ester. The invention also relates to the use of at least one compound of formula Ia or I b above, usr of formula Ia, or a composition as defined above for the preparation of a medicament for antioxidant and radical-scavenging activity, in particular for the prevention or treatment of oxidative stress and diseases related to oxidative stress, including intervening in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer.

NL Ref legal event code: FG4D Free format text: Injections 3 injections of 3 ml of the solution were carried out or 3 x 60 mg of lyophilizate. Chemical formula exhibits strong structural originality by the presence of a carboxylic acid functional group giving the molecule a strongly hydrophilic character.


The given in brackets correspond to standard deviation. Curcumin is, for its part, poorly water-soluble. A preparation containing the compounds of formula I-a-1 is a direct substrate for the activity of tyrosinase catecholase skin and thus allows the development of pigmentation much faster than from the starting phloridzine.


Essence d’orange orange oil. AT Free format text: A flavoured product according to claim 11, in the form of a drink, in particular a fruit menhhe, a soft drink or a cold tea, an ice colobne or sorbet, a sweet, a preserve, a chewing gum, a cigarette, chewing tobacco, a pharmaceutical preparation, a dental-care or body-care product, in particular a dentifrice gel or paste, a mouth wash or a gargle.

Indeed, the stereoisomerism of the compounds I is dictated by that of the starting menthol and one can thus obtain all stereoisomers of the compounds I corresponding to those of menthol.

chromatographie sur colonne de sirop de menthe pdf PDF |

MC Free format text: It is then subjected to a tangential micro-filtration membrane 0. Finally, a cooling agent must not have an unpleasant taste to an application in the field of flavors possible. Dye coloring of the parameters with respect to distilled water reference were measured in solution in a buffer of M c Ilvaine citrate-phosphate at various pH 2. Kind code of ref document: Of these stereoisomers, the compounds I derived from the – – menthol are particularly popular and preferred according to the invention for their pronounced cooling effect when used in the applications described below.

After the reaction, the compounds of formula I are isolated and purified by standard techniques, such as for example distillation or chromatography. DE Free format text: The invention relates more particularly to further compounds of formula Ia-1 and Ib-1 corresponding respectively to compounds Ia and Ib of the formulas defined above, wherein R 1 is H, and R 2 represents a glucose.


The solution was clarified by centrifugation and then lyophilized. Compounds according to claim 1, of the following formula I- b: Sel sodique de lauryl-sulfate sodium salt of lauryl sulfate.

Flow rate is ,enthe by measurement of the volume through which the bubble travels in a definite period of time. A flavouring composition or flavoured product, containing as an ingredient a compound or a mixture according to one of claims 6 to Parties en poids Parts by weight.


Indeed it is described by the patent DEsirpo discloses the cleavage of said compound in order to release menthol. As is apparent from the formula Ithe compounds according to the invention may include an alcohol or methoxy d in the terminal position of the chain. Among the large number of publications in the field of synthetic cooling agents, in particular those derived from menthol, mention should be made to DE-OS describes certain esters of menthol with hydroxylated carboxylic acids, e.

It should be noted that the concentrations of compounds of the invention used in these applications depend on both the product to be flavored and on the desired effect. Dietary composition characterized in that it includes at least a compound of formula I- a or I- b according to one of claims 1 to 5, or a composition according to one of claims 8 to FG2A Ref document number: Color measurements Minolta Chroma were also performed in this pH range.

Composition containing a compound of formula I- a or I- b according to claim 1, in which R 1 represents an alkyl group such as defined in claim 1 or 4, and R 2 is H, glucose, or xyloglucose, such as obtained by treatment of the composition according to claim 8, with an alcohol of formula R 1 -OH in which R 1 represents an alkyl group such as defined in claim 1 or 4.

These two compounds are highly appreciated in the field of flavors and, depending on the application, one can use either of these compounds, or both. The syntheses that are suitable for the products of formula I all use menthol menthf the starting material.