Analysis and discussion of characters in Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide. Erec and Enide has ratings and 46 reviews. BAM said: De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval student. He write these four lyrical p. Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes. Translation by W.W.

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Erec refuses to accept gifts of new clothes for Enide, and takes her to Arthur’s court in her ragged chemise. Apr 12, Luis Marroquin rated it really liked it. On the surface, Erec and Enide is a classical story of old. Kibler, author of An Introduction to Old French “A union of scholarship and consummate art that affected me like the great stories I read in my formative years; a permanent vicarious experience.

What a great story.

Erec and Enide

Maybe I got all my fill of these type of knights stories when I read all the stories that made up The Once and Future Kingbut these stories have no substance. There were so many “most fair ladies in all the land” that it seems like the cast for adult movie.

Dec 08, Othy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Erec’s testing of Enide is not condemned in the fictive context of the story, especially when his behaviour is chrehien with some of the more despicable characters, such as Oringle of Eerc. Written circathis version of the Griselda legend tells the story of the marriage of Erec, a handsome and courageous Welsh prince and knight of the Round Table, and Enide, an impoverished noblewoman. So Erec, the most valiant knight, marries Enide, a poor but fair lady.


I’m sure that means something, and if I had brainpower right now, I’d figure out what. I like the thought of returning to Eden being only for the idle. Since ve are out of copyright, these translations are now being reprinted, complete or one at a time. Even as stories like those in A Game of Thrones satirise the knightly outlook, Erec and Enide represents transparent ideals of love, married life, the behaviours and duties of husband and wife and troges up. The first modern edition dates from by Immanuel Bekker, followed by an edition in by Wendelin Foerster.

Anyway, glad I read it, enjoyed the cameos by Gawain, imagine that many of the other minor characters had whole backstories that the audience at the time would have been familiar with, but that are lost to us. Ere is so ensnared of her beauty and virtue that he suspends his li De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval crhetien. At the Queen’s orders, Erec follows the knight, Yderto a far off town where he meets and falls in love with Enide.

University of Georgia, However, put in a conflict between saving him and obeying, she repeatedly disobeys him.

Erec and Enide by Chrétien de Troyes

Story Three was a bit confusing at first. They are rich in ” chivalric customs and ideals and have little in common with their Celtic prototypes.

Enide is upset because Erec stopped doing tournaments and other knightly things, bringing him shame, so she talks to him about it and they go on a quest together, so Erec can prove himself to Enide and test her. I have studied Welsh, Scot, Irish and English Medieval history; in addition, I have read books and materials concerning the politics and the culture, and the faith and the myths.


For being a much older text I found it to be quite readable and easy to understand. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Erec defeats a string of knights and captures a string of horses, overcomes two counts who in turn attempt to kill him and have Enide, and, after defeating him in a joust, makes a friend of Guivret the Small, an Irish lord with family connections to Pembroke and Scotland.

That being said, neither is perfect, and they both grow – character development is a plus. Enide shares this with him and he is, livid unhappy. I can’t imagine what a guy would think should his beloved choose to share that this gossip makes her unhappy.

Erec et Enide features many of the common elements of Arthurian romance, such as Arthurian characters, the knightly quest, and women or love as a catalyst to action. And every maiden is more fair than the last, and the last was so beautiful chretienn could move heaven with her face.

When the lovers become eeec because Erec neglects his knightly obligations, they subsequently ride off together on a series of adventures that culminate in their reconciliation and the liberation of a captive knight in an enchanted orchard. Apr 19, Candace rated it it was amazing. In each adventure of Erec, he overcomes all odds.