Did you ever read or hear Chemical Secret? Ok! Today, i will talk about Chemical Secret named by Tim Vicary. First, this book’s main characters. THRILLER & ADVENTURE. Tim Vicary. CEFR B1 Word count 10, The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an . The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. He had children to look after.

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The second book in the series, A Fatal Verdict, was awarded a B. Then they John and Rachel had started the boat-building company, but after Rachel died he couldn’t work, so the company had closed and he lost everything. He and his two children were living in the small, miserable flat. Jun 05, Takahiko Masuda rated it really liked it. Finally, John lost everything. This book is the sad story.

They make protest on the boat. They had everything that they needed. There had to be a problem – and there was. When I read this book, I felt little lonly, because I knew john’s thinking chemicql he don’t want to lose his job, but he love his children from bottom of his heart.

If I don’t have freedom the I am just slave of money. It’s about a man, John, who’s rich at first, but then his wife dies and he’s really sad and unemployed. Every morning he rang a hospital, to ask if she was there.


And also, he noticed that his wark make the river dirty, and kill the animals because of the chemical material May 18, Ellen added it. Before, during, and after reading vcary included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension.

Tim Vicary is an author and a recently retired university teacher from the university of York, England. Level 3 Language Level: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Actually she was a pregnant, and she drunk a lot of river’s water. They going to law and he will get something…. He put the phone down again. When he’s not writing he likes horse-riding, cycling, and swimming.

Their relationship became worse and worse. After 18 months, John’s daughter Cristina married Simon. John Duncan is a scientist.

In wedding ceremony, John met Simon’s parents and said this sentences. It changed him and blinded him, so that he couldn’t see the real poison – until it was too late. But he doesn’t return past life. Chemical Secret [Oxford Bookworms]. CD Audiobook 0 editions. Because of the simple fact that these kinds of stories don’t appeal to me, i wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone who doesn’t like either thrillers or adventurous books.

The furniture was 20 years old, the wallpaper and carpets were cheap and dirty. La verdad fue una experiencia diferente leer un libro en ingles y me encanto….


And some of pe ‘chemical secret’ was shork to me. It’s about an old man named Jonh with his creepy swcret about a building with toxic chemicals. The factory of owner let to Mr,Ducan for interview. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The job was too good. I think it’s difficult to live happily. Left us without knowing what next?


Our life began more comfortable than past. I learned that we should say “no” chemjcal we may not want to do something and we should think about humean life to the first.

Oxford Bookworms Library: Chemical Secret | United States | Oxford University Press

River have dirty and harmful materials. John Duncan worked with Mary Carter the chemist, who had discovered new paint for cars. I don’t like this book because there isn’t any happy description. It was also dangerous f Oxford university press Level three The book summary this book is about sad story. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. This is very sad story. Tim has also written about twenty much shorter books, graded readers for foreign learners of English, published by Oxford University Press.

Chemical Secret

No current Talk conversations about this book. However, he knew about chemical secrets. I can recommend the book, if you like reading in Xhemical of course.