Zero Degree [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K. Zero Degree (Tamil Edition) [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Charu Nivedita grew up in rural Tamil Nadu and spent twelve years working in Delhi before moving to Chennai. He has.

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My mother is a gynaecologist, and is hardly likely to faint chaaru a description of a penis or vagina in real life, let alone in a book. Chakravarthy and Rakesh Khanna. Jun 30, Chitralekha rated it liked it.

The chapters have become shuffled. This review quotes some adult content and contains text that may be offensive to you. With its mad patchwork of phone sex conversations, nightmarish torture scenes, tender love poems, numerology, mythology, and compulsive name-dropping of Latin American intellectuals, Charu Nivedita’s novel ZERO DEGREE stands out as a groundbreaking work of Tamil transgressive fiction that unflinchingly probes the deepest psychic wounds of humanity.

I read all those novels in Tamil. But once we start to read books of great writers like Cahru Niveditaslowly we will come out of negative feelings and start to celebrate life.

I wish I could burn the memory of his passages out of my mind, despite knowing that they are most likely factual atrocities. Charu talking about a vilifying, Philistine Tamil culture as I have heard him say is his experience of it, and I respect that, but if he says that Tamil crimes are far worse than European crimes which I cannot see a way of justifyingthen I disagree with that line of thinking.


I could hug nivexita right now. This is indeed the pathetic state of contemporary Tamil niverita. He encourages nothing other than peace. Charu is getting portrayed — will he accept if his wife indulges in a sex chat with a stranger?

I am not sure I would say I liked it but it made for an interesting read. In my view, I think, Charu does not write novels. You hear far worse on the streets of Chennai or Mumbai, so spare me this wounded victim crap.

Zero Degree – Wikipedia

He complains why wouldn’t I? I used to frequent our Govt.

What, may I ask, qualifies you to dish out this unwanted advice, to come in the way of readers exercising their right to read? How can he write a book which goverment will ban and arrest him? Charu claimed that his blog was hacked and all posts were lost. In this highly corrupted societythese negative feelings accumulated in our brain even without our effort.

The violence, sex, and mindless nature of the society are just simple constructs to elicit shock among the readers, and the name dropping is meant to delude the reader into believing that there is more meaning in these words than their marketing value.

Do you have any sense of cyber laws? The biggest names in Indian fiction have been accepted as social commentators. This book is said to be one of the break through on tamil literature. But he cannot cast slur on his reputation.

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You show lot of love towards a Decent, Arrogant and a Poor guy;you should be man of great maturity. Write a product review.


It sure is experimental. Charu NiveditaIndian LiteratureTamil. Finally, whatever I have said detree the rightist writers and their sincere disciples, has not been replied so far, as I think, Mr Raja would visit the comment section to reply back. Why is this so complicated… you like it read it. Have you spoken to them? It sums up my understanding of pornographic literary writing and how it differs significantly from porn.

Its his personal thing — I am fine as long as he keeps it to himself. Apr nivediya, Jaganathan Mani added it.

Zero Degree by Charu Nivedita

Product details Paperback Publisher: In one page the character or himself, who knows I wanted to become a butterfly collector, but since Nabakov already doing that I decided to become ornithologist. It’s like a monument in a person’s life. Years later Mamallan ripped this work apart with ample evidences, and the only response from Charu was to call Mamallan names.

I know suresh will again start writing a paragraph about the co-incidence. Prepared myself with all admirations it received for its lipogrammatic structure and others! I personally feel the first change that his writing could bring in any men would be the change in attitude towards women;the male chauvinism in you keeps dissolving. Sep 16, Dhanabalan P rated it did not like it.