May 24, Maybe try a different content type, this should work files. cfcontent. Jan 13, To output a Flashpaper format report, use a CFCONTENT type of . I know CFDocument only supports FlashPaper and PDF (as of CF8). TIA. Jun 11, Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end. Removing the trailing slash worked for me too (CF8). Thank you!!.

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That means that after you call the getMimetype function you need to check to make sure that the variable contains a string.

Have them both, and you definitely get some sort of bug. Don’t know cvcontent that makes a difference, but that’s where I’m heading. Sometimes you need to be able to specify the MIME type using Cfcontent or inline headers to force the file to open in the proper application.

Travis, I am thinking it is an IE9 issue as well. It will be regarded more seriously coming from you as a need than from me just pointing out an observed difference that perhaps no one would care about. How did you get to the bottom cfcontfnt this!


Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end

That is very handy. Looking at the code above, can anyone see a reason why IE9 would not render the download dialog box for a Word document?

Since a server doesn’t have a bazillion pieces of software installed hopefully it doesn’t necessarily have hundreds of mime mappings. In order to clean out cfconfent output, I’m using the following ColdFusion code snippet to clear the output buffer: We found another way to work it.

You’re right, though, that it can be a great benefit. This blog is running version 5.

coldfusion – CF8 XML output problem with special character [SOLVED] | DaniWeb

This would round up this useful page! That’s not obvious from your question. This topic came about from the desire to stream files to the browser. What’s a CF shop to do: When trying to output to MS Excel I get an error. I use this with a particular report I generate for external users.

You just have to write your own headers. Looks like I need another solution for this. From that information, the handler function will manipulate that data, and use this logic to display the download dialog box for a Word document: Of course, if you just did that above, you cv8 as well not have bothered, right?


Comments 4 Print del. The other part of the code is useful for setting the page content type without the need to use Cfcontent. Sign cfconteng using Facebook. It worked for me! Guess I responded too quickly!

The following should precede the listing I posted earlier: Instead, I’d point you to other places where you can ask and get answers to questions. I wanted to see if the code was being ran twice, it’s not. Ok, so if I remove the CFAbort at the end, this starts to work correctly.

Can you explain what you’re thinking is? This is my first time posting to Stack Overflow, so be gentle. Yesterday I saw a note from Dan Switzer from Pengoworks of qForms fame that can get the cffcontent type using the file path. Instead, the variable is simply not set at all.