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Examples are shown in this section for most in- structions. E, F to represent all the possible values of dwtasheet 4-bit digit. The receiver-transmitter is capable of full duplex operation and is externally programmable. Call multiply subroutine For those subroutines that expect a constant to be passed to it as per an inline parameter, the following call could be used: The contents of P are set into X and R 2 is decremented by I.

CD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The strength of the COSMAC architecture, and its ability to optimize program size and efficiency as com- pared with more conventional datashret architec- tures, lies in these four addressing modes and the liberal number of CPU registers.

Another illustration of Q as an output under program control is given in Fig. A portion of the original initialization block is done only once during the execution of the program. If, however, the same register is to be used various- ly in the program to point to another subroutine or to hold data, then, before additional calls, the legister must be reinitialized.


Q is a flip flop brought out cd0476 the CDP1S02 as a single output line.

CD4076 – Quad D Register

In many of the examples to follow it will be necessary to initialize pointers using the four-instruction sequence given above. This feature permits direct program loading without the Use of external “bootstrap” programs in ROM’s. This instruction can be used to set individual bits. It requires additional execution time in calling and returning.

Delay one instruction GLO R6. Either byte can dahasheet be gated to the 8-bit data bus for subsequent transfer to the D register. The specific implementation discussed here may also be tailored to suit the preferences of the programmer in that additional registers may be saved or restored.

The stack in Fig. R P designates the next in- struction byte in sequence DMA has priority over Interrupt. CDP operations are specified by sequences of instruction codes stored in a memory. Flexibility in system operation is enhanced by a few additional signal lines. It is performed by suc- cessive subtractions starting with the two low-order bytes and ending with the two high-order bytes.

This instruction can be used following one of the ALU operations described earlier.

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Main Program Ratasheet Two Subroutines. The program must set R 0 to the address of the first output byte of the desired memory datssheet before the DMA transfer request occurs.

Mere code in “WAIN” program. As a result, the byte immediately following the instruction byte is the operand byte. These eight lines supply bit memory addresses in the form of cd076 successive 8-bit bytes.


As a result of the register manipulations, a the sub- routine being called will run in R 3b register R 6 will point back to the data list of inline parameters pro- vided by the caller or to the return address for the return operation, and c because R 6 was saved, the stack will have “grown” by two bytes.

The program counter is also incremented by 1. This use is exemplified in the subsection on “Subroutine Techniques” in the section Programming Techniques. The register assignments are given in Fig.

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These instructions require two machine cycles for execution. Store the result in AC. A separate register is assigned to each subroutine entry point permitting rapid subroutine calls and requiring no reinitialization of pointers before successive calls.

Circuit operation without reliance upon a common timing source.

Repeated activation of a DMA line can cause the transfer of cs4076 number of con- secutive bytes to and from memory independent of con- current program execution. In the following material, each of three tech- niques is described along with application examples. Output sig- nals are held at their values indefinitely. During the idle mode, the memory byte addressed by R 0 is present on the data bus during each machine cycle.