catalogue. OUTSTANDING. PRODUCT. REFERENCE. OThER. ARTICLES. • Guided alternative substitute articles search or complementary. SUbFAMILy OF. of leadership. Acquisition of. Spicers CE. Adveo rebranding. Merge companies Spicers CE acquired by Unipapel General catalogue. 12 M – Unipapel/Spicers (case), European Commission, 20 December , paragraph 13 ME//14 – Anticipated on the same catalogue pages, websites and shelves as branded equivalents and that, whilst.

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Annul the decision of the Opposition Division of 25 July ; and. Dismisses the action; 2. Rumpel, legal adviser Defendant: Dismisses the action as to the remainder. Gyselen, and subsequently by A. Marghelis, acting as Agents.

Freedom of establishment – Article 49 TFEU – Tax legislation – Capital tax – Conditions for granting a reduction in capital tax – Situation where a company is no longer liable to capital tax following transfer of its seat to another Member State – Restriction – Justification – Overriding reasons in the public interest.

Competition – Agreements, decisions and concerted practices – Netherlands market in road pavement bitumen – Decision finding an infringement of Article 81 EC – Imputability of the unlawful conduct. Proprietor of the mark or sign cited in the opposition proceedings: Hellenic Republic represented by: Tuzzi fashion GmbH Catallgo, Germany represented by: Failure of a Member State to fulfil obligations — Infringement of Article 49 TFEU and of Article 31 of the EEA Agreement — Provisions of tax legislation by virtue of which companies ceasing xatalogo be resident for tax purposes in Portugal or transferring their assets to another Cataogo must immediately pay an exit tax.


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Fiorilli, avvocati dello Stato Defendant: Manzini, and subsequently L. However, the Commission disregarded the new data.

The General Court ultimately based its judgment on the finding that the issue of genuine use of the earlier mark was a specific preliminary issue which it was not necessary for the Board of Appeal to examine. The General Court imposed an erroneous rule of interpretation of Community trade marks whereby if consumers within a Member State do not understand a word element of a trade mark either because it is an obscure word in another Community Language or because it is not similar to a word in their own language that element is nonetheless to be regarded as being of equal distinctiveness to a word element that they do understand and which is itself distinctive.

Minister voor Immigratie, Integratie en Asiel.

Petrova, acting as Agent, assisted by R. The other parties to the proceedings before the Board of Appeal Mark or sign cited in opposition: Decision of the Cancellation Division: The President of the Fourth Chamber has ordered that the case be removed from the register.

Unipapel ID page

Wijckmans, and subsequently by L. Dismissed the appeal Pleas in law: Gyselen, lawyers, and subsequently by A. The action is dismissed; 2. Operative part of the judgment. Braga da Cruz and P.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Skype Dublin, Ireland represented by: Order OHIM to pay the costs of the proceedings. Dismisses the appeals; 2.

Orders Ballast Nedam NV to pay the costs. Having regard to the nature of the attribution of powers made to the Commission but also to the purpose of the act to be adopted under those powers, such an act ought unipxpel to be adopted in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article TFEU and not the procedures laid down in Article TFEU.


Competition – Agreements, decisions and concerted practices – Market for flat glass in the EEA – Decision finding an infringement of Article 81 EC – Price-fixing – Evidence of the infringement – Calculation of the amount of the fines – Exclusion of captive sales – Obligation to state the reasons on which the decision is based – Equal treatment – Mitigating circumstances.

Competition – Agreements, decisions and concerted practices – Netherlands market in road pavement bitumen – Decision finding an unipqpel of Article 81 EC – Imputability of the unlawful conduct – Fines – Gravity and duration of the infringement. If you buy virgin paper, find a brand which has the FSC certification, and if it has been whitened, get one that has has been bleached without chlorine TCF.

Decision of the Examiner: Kenzo SA Paris, France. Wam Industriale SpA is ordered to pay the costs. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.