7 May This Federal Item Identification Guide for Supply Cataloging is issued under the . appear in Cataloging Handbook H6, applicable to this FIIG. 2 Feb Cataloging Handbook H6, the alphabetic index of item names, includes a reference to FSC following each Approved Item Name. Changes to. PURPOSE: The Consolidated Cataloging Data Distribution List (CCDDL) is C/ C. Federal Item Name Directory. (Cataloging Handbook H6). H6-Series. C/E.

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Table — Price Concurrent Production Code.

The first six subfields identify the multiplier to use for the following geographic areas: A code used to indent catalogong names in the repair part description column in a manual to depict disassemby parts relationship within a figure of the text. For commercially designed, controlled, and commercially available electronic equipments, compliance with ANSI Y There are three selections caraloging in the calculation of the Quantity per End Item. Table — Unit Container Level.

Distributed to depository libraries on microfiche. A single character identifying an item for which an unserviceable unit catxloging be turned-in on an exchange basis after receipt of a serviceable unit. You can view this on the NLA website. A unique number assigned by the requiring authority to all items of equipment for which a specific service has proponency see SB An item that, upon failure, would jeopardize the direct safety of operating or maintenance personnel.

The reference designation should result hanebook the arrangement of provisioning cataloginy for electronic and electronic related equipment being in alpha-numeric reference designation order IAW ANSI Y The NSN nomenclature is restricted to 21 characters and contains the basic noun that identifies the item along with other data that describe its make, model, size, and so forth. Code Description O Unit container not acceptable for shipping.


Further information about CAGE may be obtained by contacting: The expressed period of nandbook after which certain items will be maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Action Code.

The following precedence for reference number assignment should be used. Revisions are produced as required. A two-position alphanumeric code used by the Navy to categorize material on the basis of requirements for source or quality control; technical design or configuration control; procurement, hanbook and catalogihg control; special receipt, inspection, testing, storage, or handling.

The item name consists of three parts: Almost on cue, the grouchy nonlogistician pushes by you, picks up the widget, and prepares to leave. The volume, figure, and item number from the equipment technical manual will be used in lieu of the reference designation.

Leave blank if the item does not apply. What is its identifying number? Item does not qualify for assignment of code l, but is needed for legal, climatic, or other requirements peculiar to the planned operational environment of the end item. Consists of the following elements: The field is structured as follows: Cite this Email this Add to favourites Print this page. You wonder what its military name is. Federal item name directory handgook supply cataloging.


The manufacturer is the company or government activity exercising design control over the item. OR When used for the replacement item, “OR” means that the OR new item may be used to replace the original item TW Signifies that the original item and replacement item are TW interchangeable with each other Signifies that the item is not interchangeable NI as follows: In order to accomplish this, groups and classes have been established for the universe of commodities, with emphasis on the items known to be in the supply systems of the Federal Government.


Where appropriate, the main inclusions and exclusions, which delimit the coverage of a particular class, are shown immediately following the title for the class.

There are currently over 42, approved item names. The total number of times the line item is affected by the design change. Up to nine ranges can be documented using the key field of control.

Army Logistician ( Names, Numbers, and Nomenclatures )

The list and the graphic presentation are on separate drawing sheets. Codes A through Z. You must be logged in to Tag Records. Indentured with a “Z” and listed as a bulk item at the end of the provisioning list Option 4. Consists of seven subfields. Approved item names are those item names listed in Cataloging Handbook H6 and are preferred for use in drawing titles. A code that identifies the special packaging instruction revision.

Specific codes will be provided by the requiring authority.