Carabook: le guide de l’externe Front Cover. Association Nationale des Etidiants en Médecine de France (ANEMF), – pages. Read the latest magazines about Anemf and discover magazines on . CARA Book Discussion January 12/21/ Community Anti-Racism Alliance. Thursday, January, 12, p.m., in the Center, join CFS parents and .

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We then put chenille stems through the holes, working on eye hand coordination. A great bilateral coordination activity. Then the students voted on what color to make the oobleck. The topic for this month is government. Tong activities are great for building pre-scissor skills and eye hand coordination.

Joy made apple scented playdoh. We used the chenille stems to hook the beard around our ears.

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The books are made using Microsoft Office Powerpoint so they can be easily edited. We started with a precut triangle with a slightly concave top. We rolled it out into long snakes, working on graded fine motor control.

I Am Ready For School.

We learned about shapes and the concept of soft. Then we used tongs to pick up the bones and feed the Dog. Peeling of the stickers was great for facilitating a pincer grasp. This toy was purchased from the Lakeshore company catalog. Our students who are able to tolerate oral tastings got to try some applesauce with caramel syrup—-a mini caramel apple!


Cara made a sound matching game. Repeat for each desired color.

We used Country Apple body wash from Bath and Body works to give our water an apple scent and then put in some realistic plastic apples. Yes, it was a little chaotic but lots of fun! Crumpling caarabook is great for working on hand intrinsics.

carabook 2011 pdf

We like giving our students choices of 3 as they have to choose between 3 answers when taking the alternate assessment. Using the pre-recorded voice output device, we asked one of the kids to tell us what 211 title of the book was. Next, our students Decided how many bones to feed the Dog.

We looked for soft squirrels, hard pumpkins and strands of soft yarn in the fall colors of brown, yellow and orange. Each book was made with a repetitive line.

September | | Group by Group

Then we all sat down for a crunchy apple snack! We looked for the letter F hidden in assorted dried beans. We would have preferred to use rose scents, as our book discussed the rose as a symbol of our country, but were unable to locate some in time for our group. The students hung their apples on the tree. Apples, apples just for me Share this: For our next activity, we put Dots round stickers on a Duck Drawn by Joy. We have learned to be flexible!


We crumpled scrap paper and stuffed it into a red paper lunch bag purchased from Target. Our themes this week were Fall for the sensory group and fine 201 groups and the Letter D for the alphabet group. Wow, another week gone by! On Thursday, our Fine Motor group continued the carabok theme by making great big red apples. We Closed the bag with Clips we wrapped the handle of the clip with a rubber band to caraboom it easier to open.