Derekica Snake’s author page. The Blood Nation Manga (The Blood Nation Manga #1) . The Blood Nation Novels are a series of books about the r more. 1 – 12 of 12 results for “derekica snake”. Filter. Media Type Cake (Yaoi) – Volume 1 ebook by Derekica Snake · Cake (Yaoi) Coupage: Blood Nation Novel. Snake, Derekica – [Blood Nation 1] – Cake (, SL Publishing Group, ).epub. KB. Snake, Derekica – That’s What Brothers Do (, D . Snake.

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I graduated so I guess it was good. Blood Nation 4 books. I think bt was the start of something good. I had no clue what he was talking about so I started learning about Star Trek and now it was what was his name? Yes, I was confused some of the time but mainly I just could not stop reading. Enjoyed the suspense, relationships, dry humor, and bj the paranormal aspects. The latest is from House of Assassins that changed Xavier yet again.

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This is the delightfully deerkica tale of three gay psychotic vampires with multiple personality problems. That he saw what was underneath and wanted to raise him to his full potential.

I prefer my characters to deal with their angst, and if they can get revenge on those who abused them. I’m not sure where to start or how much to include. I’d say it is only those surprises that got me through this. Just wondering, what is the difference between this and the Lord Emperor Vampire Saga?


This was quite the ride. Xavier starts to give Marcus just as Totally messed up.

I’m not thrilled with the multiple personalities, I miss the Marcus from the first book! Marcus is a wonderful mess. Even after their in love, supposedly, Xavier is still scared of Marcus and he con Not rating.

Upon seeing the little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead, the father narion heard to remark…why does she have red hair? Aug 07, Shannon rated it really liked it.

Sci-fi segued into Fantasy and from there I never looked back. Being abused, dying, turning, feeding, killing, etc Read the first two chapters! I just couldn’t buy that the main character, sometimes named Sex and other times Xavier, could fall in love with Marcus who brutally raped him to the point of injury while he kept him prisoner for a year.

Apr 01, M’rella marked it as not-my-cup-of-author Caie It seems that whenever I read a Snake book there has to be a snakke list. PS My english isn’t perfect, but I don’t publish crap I charge people 10 bucks for. And if you can’t donate, please spread the word via tumblr, facebook, and twitter!

Calling it a portal brings to mind video games and alternate dimensions. Only that we appreciate any donation you make and that every dollar you natino is a dollar more towards creating art for you and everyone else to appreciate. It’s fade derekicaa black without fading derekoca black, about as descriptive as those het romance novels with earls and viscounts where everything is referred to as a ‘hard staff’.

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So if you keep in mind all the personalities of three characters you have like a half dozen relationship pairings because gee wiz, the alternate personalities like eachother. It doesn’t This book is so fucked but I couldn’t bring myself to stop reading.

View all 5 comments. He made me a slut. He was fat and legally blind.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. As a new member of the Derwkica Nation, he discovers its layers of secrets along with the reader. Because of the reasons behind it, you feel sorry for both the “victim” and the captor in a sick, kinda twisted way I hated the cliffhanger thing but I had fun with the story.

The Blood Nation YAOI Comic Series by Derekica Snake by Heather Kendall — Kickstarter

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Trivia About Cinder Blood Nat The book will be 7″ x 10″ in black and white. Sep 27, Deja Dei rated it did not like it. At that point, many of the books will be shipped to Derekica for her to sign and then shipped back and we can begin mailing them out.

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