20 Dec Rules for the popular Italian card game Burraco, a Canasta-like partnership game for four players. Buraco is a Rummy-type card game in the Canasta family for four players in fixed partnerships . If a run has 7 clean cards in a row plus a deuce, it is worth points, but this rule is valid only for one of the eight Italian “Burraco Federations”. Burraco – regole, psicologia e strategie. likes · 4 talking about this. Burraco – regole, psicologia e strategie.

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This delay in looking at the pozzetto is to avoid any temptation for the player to influence partner’s play on the basis of the cards in the pozzetto.

These two hands are called the ‘ Pots ” in Portuguese “the dead”. Gegole play that a burraco of 8 or more cards that contains a sequence of 7 consecutive natural cards and a wild card or consists of at least 7 equal cards with a wild card, is “semi-clean” semipulito and is worth points.

Rules of Card Games: Burraco

Before beginning the game, the players cut the deck to establish who deals first. Please note the following. This player lifts approximately the top third of the pack — for the deal to work smoothly he needs to take at least 22 cards and leave at least 45 behind.

A computer Burraco game for Windows is available from Alberosa. There are separate pages about similar games bureaco in South America:. Melding is the act of displaying your cards face-up on the table to earn points. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Each player is dealt 11 cards and there are two pozzetti of 11 cards each.


Buraco – Wikipedia

A player whose team has not yet taken a pozzetto draws, melds all but one of his or her cards and discards the final card. A player goes out: North and South play against East and West. For example with 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7 on the table, a 9 can be added from hand to make a dirty burraco 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 2- 9. When the player does not wish to meld any more cards, a card is discarded to end the turn as usual.

There are two ways to take a pozzetto. It originated from Uruguay and Argentina in the mids, [1] with apparent burrzco of simplicity and implications that are often unforeseeable and absolutely involving.

The sequence can then be further extended by adding the 6, 7, J or Q. A team may only begin to place Runs onto the table if they meld a minimum number of initial points. Each player is dealt 11 cards and there are two pozzetti: Instead, the next regolee in turn must end the stalemate by drawing a card from the draw pile. Hurraco is indicated by placing the second to last card crosswise. Among equal cards, the suits rank in bridge order spades highhearts, diamonds, clubs low. The objective is to form melds which may be sets of equal cards combinazione or sequences of consecutive cards in a suit sequenzeand place them face up on the table.

The Play The player to dealer’s left begins. There are less interesting versions for 2 to 5 players, playing as individuals.

It is possible for one team to have two separate sequence melds in the same suit, but sequences once placed on the table cannot be joined together or split. A meld that consists entirely of natural cards is clean pulito and a meld that contains a wild card is dirty sporco. The second pozzetto is taken by the first player of the other team who runs out of cards. If your team has taken a pozzetto but you do not have and are unable to make a burracothen you must keep at least two cards in your hand after melding: In the case of two identical cards being chosen, two new cards must be cut.


If the Game ends before any cards are played from a new Hand picked-up from the Pot, then the player with that new Hand will either:. If the play ends because the draw pile is reduced to two cards, no one having gone out, or because of a stalemate, neither team scores the point bonus for going out.

The first team to accumulate three-thousand or more points wins the Match. Pages using deprecated image syntax Year of introduction missing.

eegole Players and Cards The usual game is four players in fixed partnerships: This article details the rules for Buraco as played in the United States. Since the ‘s a version of the game has become extremely popular in Italy, and thanks to an active tournament scene and the establishment of a national organisation, the Federazione Italiano Burracothe Italian rules have become more or less standardised.

Two standard international card packs with 4 jokers are used — cards in all. If a player goes out while an opponent or even the player’s partner has taken a pozzetto but not yet looked at it, the owner of the pozzetto subtracts the actual value of the cards in it, as though they were already in hand, rather than points.