Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation) This resulted in the poem being named “Qasidah Burdah” (The Poem of the. 21 تموز (يوليو) English translation of lyrics for Burdah by Mesut Kurtis. مولاي صلّ وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم مولاي صلي وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك. 22 آذار (مارس) On the Martial Struggle of the Prophet (SAW) (English Translation courtesy of – The Burdah (The Singable Translation) by Mostafa Azzam) رَاعَتْ.

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So my Translatuon are effective under all circumstances. On your cheeks like yellow rose and the reddish tree. The power of its artistry has been used in every period of time for keeping religious emotion vibrant and to keep alive love of Prophet Muhammad. So why should the ambitions of those who praise not increase towards 6. In this chapter Allamah Busairi burfah of the miraculous journey Mi’raj of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam to the seventh heaven.

Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation) | Forums

While pleasurably trying to gather the dream together, he realized that his paralysis had vanished, and he was astounded with happiness. They go far to prove clearly that Islam was never based on violence, force or use of the sword, but was only a form of religion founded on solid reason and pure morality, and quite in unison with the doctrines of God, previously preached by Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and merely remodelled now according to the wants of the time.


One also becomes constant in eating, sleeping, and talking less.

The book contains one of the noblest poems in the Arabic literature of the Post-Islamic time and one that gives a very faithful picture of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. Just as unmanageable horses are restrained by resins. Wisdom in the advice of the elders is tganslation suspicion. How often has pleasure been considered good, whereas it turned out to be deadly.

And high mountains of gold tried to tempt him. For most times translxtion poverty is more evil that overeating.

Rana Sana Ullah showing his gutter mentality as usual, is there some way to cap thus gutter? He tries to conceal this love and who his beloved is. Whoever writes it with musk and saffron and hangs it around his neck, will be safeguarded from seventy afflictions and difficulties. Some miracles and incidents which took place at the time of birth are mentioned in this chapter.

Or like that army put to flight upon whom Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam threw pebbles.

Rabiulawal Playlist: Qasidah Burdah with English Translation

Do not try, through sinning, to subdue sensual desires. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam came to remove all difficulties and calamities from the world. O my soul do not become despondent due to your grievous sins. And can the reality of him be comprehended in this world. The people of piety, knowledge, clemency and generosity.

He used to lead an ocean of an army on galloping horses. As though he is in the midst of a large army and its retinue. They loved fleeing that they would envy. From the evil of Jinn. Universally and gave life to all the nations. Without it justice cannot be established amongst people. Translwtion establishing an Islamic state in Madinah Rasuluallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam was given permission to make Jihad against the kuffar.


Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation)

In the pervious chapter his praises were mentioned. I request all of my brothers and sisters to make their habit to recite the Durood on a daily basis as much as they can. And the truth nubuwaat appeared with these anwaar, and with their voices.

Seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and intersession of Rasoolullah A. While the rivers of Persia had sleepless eyes dries up from excessive sorrow.

Full text of “Qasida Burdah with english Translation”

If I had committed any sin my covenant is not likely to be tranxlation. And of both groups, Arabs and non Arabs. The Jihad of Rasoolullah A.

At that time dreams cannot be denied. To remove the evil effect of jinn, read once daily for 40 days and make damm blow on the affected person. The poem was soon to become extremely popular and we know of at least a hundred commentaries, recensions, enlargements etc.