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Building a Small Lathe by L.C. Mason | Angus & Robertson | Books –

Aa people not heavily involved in metal working such as amature telescope makers have found the ability to cast metals to me very useful. Wasn’t cheap to do and quite a bit of work involved. I have been offered machines which you literally couldn’t give away in the UK for bargain sums like EU Also did you try them out got their intended task?

You can see some photos of my attempt in My Photos. Your alerts can be managed through your account. How do you adjust the clearance between the round shafting the female round way?

Building a Small Lathe by L.C. Mason

English Choose a language for shopping. The answer with which I’d agree most: I’m detecting a huge amount of negatvity in the thread with respect to DIY laths and the Gingery process. I wouldn’t dream of doing it it is post ww11 technology and ideology. Smalp sprocket bushings have three holes to tighten them and three threaded holes to push them off off for disassembly.


He said in the article that in the final analysis, he thought it cost more to make his lathe msall buy one. Here you can mark if you have read this book, reading it or want to read.

Homemade Lathe?

H section beam, hot rolled steel section, drills and fasteners, some local machine shops with rough and ready equipment and a friendly local foundry.

A; not likely, even with import costs going up the small machines are still an excellent value. Gingery clearly implied in buildibg of his books that once you have a lathe it becomes the machine from which you can build better machine tools.

Well I say go for it, just don’t expect to be saving any money over just purchasing a lathe. In any event if you follow conversations with people involved in building Gingery type buildung you will find that the bed design leave a lot to be desired.

Despite it’s stylised appearance, which I am quite pleased with, it makes no sacrifices to achieve this versatility and is as rigid as a similar size lathe. I built this small cnc lathe for the challenge and fun of it. Thanks for the thought though.

Stella & Rose’s Books

Wasn’t cheap to do and quite a bit of work involved. Dias – I’m a long way from Portugal, only 70km’s from the east coast of Spain. I don’t have smqll foundry set-up buikding so, I’ve been looking at alternative designs. If you want what would probably be an interesting project and the resulting bragging rights when it was finished, though, it would be something to consider.


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I’m sure I’ll be drawn and quartered for that statement but even a semi clapped out well used ColchesterHarrison, Boxford or South Bend lathe is better made and higher capability for less money than a Myford, usually.

Mason Subscribe to alerts Get information about new releases for these contributors straight to your inbox. All good shops should have casting ability???

I was thinking more along the lines of a dovetailed bed and gibs. Again, google is your friend. But sorry my notebook only gave the volume and not the year Renew Now Dont miss an issue! It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the proceed in realizing a lathe virtually built out of nothing.

While this unit as described is small i see no reason why it can’t be scaled up to suit your needs. Making the Gingery stuff is fine as it gets you to the point of having the machinery with which you can make better decent machinery. Synopsis Product Details Shipping. It has proved to be quite useful over the years.