We are now the distributor of all the in print handbooks published by The Conservation (TCV), formerly the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers ( BTCV). Bugs. BTCV handbooks online. Loads of really useful info, books include: Environments for All Local Action. Deer fencing is erected for any of the following purposes: To exclude deer from woodlands, including plantations, coppiced woodlands, newly planted amenity.

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Website by Made in Trenbania. Updated The content and illustrations in hamdbooks book will be regularly updated to keep pace with standards and practices. Keep up-to-date with NHBS products, news and offers.

BTCV handbooks online

Benton Richard Fortey View All. Exclosure fences around newly planted woodlands also need to be secure if planting is going to be successful. Great book with all the detail you need regardless of fencing ability.

Many full time workers started off volunteering through TCV. Of course, here’s the usual message about saving paper and ink – please only print when necessary! They cover a wide range of subjects, the titles of which are:. In many parts of the country coppicing is urgently needed to restore old coppice handbookks to their proper cycle, but the browsing of regrowth is a serious problem.

Exceptional customer service Get specialist help and advice. Standard height handboks netting fences topped with one or two lines of barbed or plain wire, giving a total height of about 1m 3’are a frequent cause of injury.

Published six times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters. For temporary fences, locally cut non-preserved poles are ideal for hanvbooks and struts, and where large enough poles are available, for strainers also.

Netting is much more effective than multiple line wires for non-electric fencing. The dead hedge should be checked regularly, and any weak points strengthened with branches or coppice material. Unfortunately they are now in many cases out of print. Become an expert in everything from tree planting to dry stone walling, woodland management to fencing, footpaths, hedging and more.


Strainers can be built either using a straining post with strut and retaining wire see Forestry Commission design, page 55or using a box strainer, an example of which is shown below.

Each one includes a comprehensive introduction to the subject as well as chapters on design, management, maintenance, safety, equipment, planning, planting If using the Forestry Commission system of two widths of netting lashed to three spring steel line wires see designs and sitingfollow this procedure:.

An electric scare wire fixed on off-set brackets at mm 3′ height may also be useful to discourage deer from trying to force their way through a high fence handbioks netting or line wires.

handooks This is quick to erect, but requires a large volume of material, plus enough to plug gaps as soon as they appear. Very well written and nicely produced. It does all sorts of stuff including supporting many local groups across the country, running training courses, and organising working holidays.

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Its effectiveness is based on deer receiving a sufficiently severe shock on their first encounter that they do not attempt another approach. Guidance on the storage, maintenance and repair of tools used in conservation work, and setting up workshops and toolstores. There are three basic approaches to controlling deer damage to woodlands, which may need to be used in combination:. Muntjac deer are a problem as they push underneath the fence, and measures to prevent this will add considerably to the cost of the fence.

Pages are printable, so you can still take them out in to the field. It takes no time at all to get full access through our secure checkout.

Conservation Handbooks | TCV’s practical guides to conservation work

The dead hedging or temporary electric fencing described above may be suitable if protection is only required for a couple of seasons, or if a low level of damage is acceptable. The rolls of netting are extremely heavy and require machine access along the fence line, and the netting bhcv difficult to fit neatly on undulating ground. Rides next to fenced areas are important in improving the effectiveness of the fence. Definitive Written by experts, these handbooks have long been btv the definitive conservation guides.


Clearly illustrated Over 2, line drawings accompany the text, adding clarity to text descriptions. Modern deer farms are enclosed using high tensile netting systems, with Tornado see suppliers a specialist in this area. Coppicing is an ancient way of managing woodlands, and has many benefits for wildlife. It requires no expenditure except time, and using only materials from the wood, avoids the need to transport fencing materials to the site.

The best method is to site the fence so that a section can be fitted against a cliff or 1. Semi-permanent or permanent electric line wire deer fences are not recommended, as the lines have to be so close together to prevent deer getting through that the fence works equally well unelectrified!

The dead hedge provides useful habitat for nesting birds, small mammals and other creatures. The handbooks were first published in the s and have been updated more recently. Sign up for full access. This system has three lines of high visibility electric tape.

Hinged joint stock netting, as opposed to the more rigid ‘Stiffstay’ or ‘Tightlock’ types see materialscan also cause injury as the hinged joints can collapse and trap a deer’s leg. Go to Conservation Land Management. Very intuitive with detailed diagrams and descriptions. When the barrier reaches about 1m 3′ high, stand on handbpoks to compress it, and then continue.