presentation, an elective unit of the TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. BSBCMMA Make a presentation has been imported into the TAE UNIT TITLE, Make a presentation. UNIT CODE, BSBCMMA outcomes, skills and knowledge required to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a . BSBCMMA Make A Presentation Teachers’ Resources + Assessment Tools Customisable PowerPoint presentations. Answers to activities.

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BSBCMM401A Make A Presentation Teachers’ Resources + Assessment Tools

Minor errors such as wrong punctuation, a wrong page number or a simple typographical error in mmake date are not defined as an error. A range of assessment methods should be used to assess practical skills and knowledge.

Plagiarism Plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own. The grading is according to the following criteria: You need to demonstrate you are competent in each element of the unit of competency you are studying. Explain and discuss desired outcomes of the presentation with the bsbcmm401aa audience.

Assessment may incorporate a presrntation of methods including in-class exercises, problem-solving exercises, assignments, group or individual projects, presentations and written or practical tests, as well as homework activities.

Seek and discuss reactions to the presentation from participants or from key personnel involved in the presentation. We then grade your performance in the unit; this gives you the opportunity to have the level of your performance formally recognized against industry standards and employability skills. Examples of plagiarism include: Emotional intelligence in management — does it work? Body language, negativity, positivity Credibility, words bsbcmm40a sentences Text: Address the following areas in your written assessment submission: Plagiarism occurs when presenhation origin of the material used is not appropriately cited.


Course Title: Make a presentation

Penalties include official reprimand, recording of a failure result or expulsion from the University. In addition your tasks should demonstrate a very good understanding of strategies for a collaborative approach to making a presentation in the workplace.

The Learning Lab is a learning and study skills site developed by presenation Learning Skills Unit offering online interactive tutorials, printable handouts and an email Learning Query service.

Context of and specific resources for assessment. They contribute well developed communication skills in bsbcmk401a a range of concepts and ideas. Plan and document presentation approach and intended outcomes 1.

Each page of your online assessments should include a footer with your name, student number, the title of the assessment, unit code and title and page numbers.

Ethical considerations in setting pay levels for top executives Alcohol has a greater negative impact on society than marijuana does The seven deadly sins of presentations Selling yourself in an interview Genetically modified food — the answer to famine or a risk to health?

News Events Maje Maps Contacts. The grading is according to the following criteria:. Australia and New Zealand presentatiob merge and become one country Is home schooling the way to go for education? Use presentation aids, materials and examples to support target audience understanding of key concepts and central ideas 2.

Review the presentation Performance Criteria: Outline your objectives for the presentation. Provide opportunities for participants to seek clarification on central ideas and concepts, and adjust the presentation to meet participant needs and bsbcnm401a.


This course will be a combination of lectures, class exercises, questionnaires, case studies, on line study, and peer interaction. The reality show phenomenon — what is the appeal? Provide opportunities for participants to seek clarification on central ideas and concepts, and adjust the presenntation to meet participant needs and preferences 2. Should doctors screen young children to identify obesity?

BSBCMMA Make a presentation by mary schloetzer on Prezi

Assessment Matrix Other Information Academic Administration Procedures Plagiarism Plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own. These may include the production of technical requirements documents, direct observation of workplace practices and the presentation of a portfolio of evidence.

Use persuasive communication techniques to secure audience interest. Summarise key concepts and ideas at strategic points to facilitate participant understanding.

Teaching and student resources Priorities and initiatives Teaching support and resources Leadership and management Opportunities. Attach a signed Assignment Bsbcmm401z Sheet to each submission of written work or assessment.

Monitor non-verbal and verbal communication of participants to promote attainment of presentation outcomes 2. Sequence your presentation concepts using a flowchart.

You are to prepare an individual presentation on a contemporary issue using visual aids.