Founder–Äcärya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. and 2 .. (-Cited from Practice of Brahmacharya by Shivananda Swami. original source . Share Any File On WhatsApp Through WhatsTools. Brahmacari Reader – Brahmacarya in Krishna Consciousness on Hence knowledge of Brahmacharya is important not only for those who wish to .

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From Lecture April 30 Tokyo “If one is absent-minded, he cannot work nicely because mind is absent or not in order. When a man jokes with a woman, an intimate, sexually-charged atmosphere is immediately created, and this should also be avoided for those aspiring to practice celibacy. Lord Krsna personally says, striyo vaisyas tatha sudras te ‘pi yanti param gatim: I could not finish my chanting.

But suppose there is an emergency in the family then that particular person who is on the front line, that person may take leave for sometime and come back brahkacharya. You might also like.

Built on the early training in renunciation, their marriage will be dedicated to Krishna, fulfilling our hope for their future. And that sort of materialistic focus can be krishnna for devotional life.

Among the tenets espoused in this book, “fault-finding” and “mental speculation” are punishable offenses, especially to “senior” devotees. I have no doubt that other reviews here are by followers of Bhakti Vikasa Swami and have artificially inflated this book’s reviews, so I stand here as a sobering counter-point from the outside – a consviousness, skeptical point of view, if you will.

Pure devotees don’t waste their time, they always are cautious to make sure they are always engaged positively in Krishna Consciousness.

So Dhritrashtra was attached to Duryodhana and because of that when Duryodhana wanted brahmacarya do adharma Dritrashtra went along with it. So mind cannot go outside Krsna. If a scholar ever needed a book that presented a manual for brahmwcharya control and the power of group-think, they may look no further.

The Lord descends on this material world out of His causeless mercy and displays His various transcendental pastimes as a human being so that human beings attracted towards Him become connsciousness to go back to Godhead. Write a customer review. If you really have any accusations, you can accuse the politicians who are cheating the public everytime and you can accuse the people who dont follow what they say.


Devotees brahmqcharya always preach that not to get attached to materialistic sense objects.

That kind of marriage makes the mind peaceful and receptive to spiritual instruction. English Choose a language for shopping. So its a matter of not practising what we preach but understanding what we preach and practising it intelligently, sensitively, according to time, place, circumstance.

Celibacy Quotes

So our spirituality should enhance our humanity, human sensitivity, not choke that human sensitivity. First of all, There is no word called as Mr. This is what is said —. Once the families and the boy and girl agree, a period of occasional, supervised association begins.

When one, in spite of provocation or in spite of the presence of a source of mental agitation, can remain steady in his position, he is called dhira. Memorize favourate passages or verses from the Sastras. But if our relatives are also devotees or are devotionally-minded then that horizontal relationship can also link with our vertical relationship.

One’s body, words and intelligence should be controlled by one who is dhira and who actually knows the principles of religion. So if the relationship with the parents are having a materialistic focus and are taking the sons away from Krishna then that should be rejected — pratikoolasya varjanam.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The ultimate benefit of attaching to krishna is that the devotee is attached to every living entity as krishna is there in every living entity as paramatma. But if that relationship can help both to come closer to Krishna then it is anukool and it should be accepted. When a man jokes with a woman, an intimate, sexually-charged atmosphere is immediately created, and this should also be avoided for those aspiring to practice celibacy.

A handbook for those in the Krishna movement that basically explains how to sell your autonomy and self-actuation for some vague spiritual benefit.

If one is determined not to be envious of anyone, he can naturally conquer anger. On the other hand we see that Vidura was affectionate towards Dritrashtra.


Give up all varieties of religion and surrender unto me. Again rise early in the morning. Would you like to volunteer your time cosciousness skills in service? Dear prabhu, Thank you very much for your wonderful reply. The Lord descends on this material world brahmscharya of Braumacharya causeless mercy and displays His various transcendental pastimes as a human being so that human brahmacharya in krishna consciousness attracted towards Him become able to go back to Godhead.

So affection means that we want to do good to others and ih let the relationship lift them up. Sannyasa means giving up the company of women, but if a sannyasi hears the voice of a woman and sees her beautiful face, he certainly becomes attracted and is sure to fall down.

Just like in offering arcana to the Deities from early morning up to ten o’clock at night, and then they go to rest. Now take these chanting beads, and go on chanting.

Teens and Celibacy

Both the sons are brahmacharis, for almost the last year of his life. Nirvrttir eva ca — One executes real brahmacarya when all these activities come to a halt. That is called gosvami, master of the senses. Prajalpa One inn talk of Krishna and discuss ones realizations with one’s friends, other brahmacari’s. Moreover brahmmacharya do wonderful services to krishna.

If one is determined not to be envious of cosciousness, he can naturally conquer anger.

Brahmacharya In Krishna Consciousness : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

A person who practices the science of brahmacarya under the care of a spiritual master automatically becomes seventy-five percent free from material entanglement. This time more cautious then before you had the initial weakness. So the whole point is that do whatever we can to help people come closer to Krishna. The illicit sex that results from years of indoctrination leads to chaos. Sexual attraction and its extensions in family and society are the main knots that bind us to material identification.