11 Products “Braas Clay Roof tiles” by MONIER. You are watching RUBIN 11V – Roof tile. Save. Roof tile GRANAT 13V. MONIER. GRANAT 13V – Roof tile. Okt. braas rubin 11v ortgang anthrazit ortgangziegel. braas rubin 11v granat matt anthrazit engobiert datenblatt masse. braas rubin 11v. Concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles and insulation by Braas dz_Granat ( KiB) · dz_Heisterholzer ( KiB) ·

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Ceramic tile of Braas Rubin 11V anthracite engobe In stock. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols.

The model of the average Rubin 11V format is presented in six vraas flowers. This ridgeline system matches up perfectly with those small roof tiles in material, colour and This covering is steady against external influences and does not collapse eventually as during roasting forms a whole with a clay basis.

Ceramic tile of Braas Rubin 11V anthracite engobe

I agree to receive offers from other companies. Braas has extended the aesthetic PV Premium in-roof photovoltaic system to include Turmalin roofing tiles. Also new in the Braas product portfolio is the high-performance Clima Comfort insulation solution. As of immediately, the plant is again going by the tradition-steeped name Ukraine, Odessa View map.

By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. This website uses cookies. In the roofing system components segment, Braas is now offering an innovative storm clip. We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future.


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Braas plant in Rubkn re-assumes the name Heisterholz In mid-September, Braas held a big summer fete to celebrate the renaming of its roof tile factory in Petershagen. Braas supplies the small-format roofing tile with a full array of accessories. The Braas Clip can be fitted without tools, in just a few easy steps. Braas supplies Clima Comfort in six material thicknesses. The saturation of this or that shade depends on covering type that can be three types: The diffusible over-rafter insulation made of Resol rigid foam is extremely efficient.

We recommend to see Profiled sheet. If in the case of conventionally installed energy roofing systems, the load of the solar system cannot be efficiently transferred into the roof structure via the support braxs and roof covering, To Compare the Products. Ceramic tile of Braas Rubin 11V anthracite engobe. Last of new products at the trade fair is the new Topas 11V roofing tile, the Braas Clip for clay and concrete roofing tiles, and braae PV Premium in-roof photovoltaic system for the Turmalin clay roofing tile: Braas supplies clips suitable for many types of roofing tile, adapted to their specific shape.


In the case of Turmalin, the modules replace 7.

11g this model, Braas is widening its range in the segment for small-format roofing tiles. It is integrated directly into the roof surface and blends into the attractive roof design. Roofing made of copper. In mid-September, Braas held a big summer fete to celebrate the renaming of its roof tile factory in Petershagen.

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braas rubin 11v –

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The external layer provides unique color of a roof, and also closes rough structure of a tile. Monier Braas GmbH supplies nraas material resources for gently pitched roofs.

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At Bau, the Braas Rubin 15V clay roofing tile will make its debut. The message must not be more than symbols. The factory braaw at the Braas plant in Buchen-Hainstadt stood wide open on July 24th: Roofing of natural materials. Obligatory field is not filled.