1 Aug Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book[btpb]. 1. Presented By: Dr. Vandana. B. E PG, Dept. of Repertory (Part 1 Guided By: Dr. Rita. The Bönninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method Edited by George Dimitriadis Hahnemann Institute: Sydney, Australia, , hardback, . 13 Aug Includes index. Bradford, T.L. Homoeopathic bib. of the U.S.. Microfilm National Center for Homeopathy; NLM print copy 1, bookplate and stamp.

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Under the chapter Face, however, we find first the objective symptoms that may be observed in the face, and then following this, a section devoted to Face, Locations of Sensations in. Although this case was repertorized several years ago, the man has attained and maintained excellent health.

Very often the condition boko aggravation or amelioration is itself the differentiating factor.

Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

Expectoration green, page 8. View Comparison Go to login page Close. In my library, I have one translated by Okie inone translated by Hempel inone translated and edited by T. Since for centuries the family had devoted themselves to military careers the family fortunes were but moderate. With these few exceptions, and those rubrics dealing with labor and tenesmus, there are no subjective symptoms to be found in this second part of the book. It is freely granted that one must be tolerably conversant with the Materia Medica Pura, but it is made easier for the beginner by the use of this concordance, since the polychrests, which are rich in symptoms, as is natural, present the most points of contact, so an intimate acquaintance with these points will enable him to use these drugs easily and to the greatest advantage.

In regard to the second, fourth and fifth sections, an explanation must be made concerning the rubric “Concomitant Complaints. It is but 1 inch thick. If in a page of fragmentary symptoms these four elements can be found and brought together to make one complete symptom, there is hope of finding the remedy. However, on page 29 we find another heading, Internal Head, but this contains only two rubrics, one pertaining to the left and one to the right side.

Is this a failing? The result of 13 years of work and myriad revisions by one of the most brilliant homeopaths of all time, the original Therapeutic Pocketbook was constructed from the provings contained in Samuel Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura and Chronic Diseases. Itching internally, page Mucous surfaces being internal surfaces in essence 4. It has led to the arbitrary grouping of symptoms and the erection of so-called typical forms to which names have been assigned, as if they were real entities.


She disliked the cold weather because she felt the cold pofket severely. It is easy to comprehend the arrangement of the work, and but few explanations and remarks will be required. In spite of the many mistakes that crept in through clumsy translations and assembling, this has added vastly to the value of the work, but in order to make the best possible use of this work we must understand the pockef and how to avoid them ; this we shall consider at a later time.

Now, the first repertory to be printed in this new millennium is This is only one reason for placing great emphasis on that axiom: The fifth place, the last of all, contains the doubtful remedies, which require critical study, and which occur most seldom ; these are enclosed in parentheses. We find it of use in the acute case, and again in the chronic case. This edition is not practical for theeapeutic use because the translator used many phrases now obsolete.

It was possible to eliminate rapidly some of the ranking remedies ; knowledge of the materia medica and knowledge of the patient help greatly in discarding some of the remedies where a number come through an analysis, because of the difference in grouping in the patient and in the pockett, and taking therapetic consideration also that symptom of personality as a whole.

Experience teaches that this analogy is extremely important in the selection of the remedy. It was his stand thedapeutic the solid basis of the four-square foundation was the only method of securing the totality of the case.

Let us comprehend clearly what we mean by contradictory symptoms. Following this again we find the heading External Head once more, and this too covers the two sides. Join Kim Elia for a free webcast Watch now Informational Slides Kim presents the history of the Therapeutic Pocketbook and explains how to most effectively use it in practice. Therapeutic Pocket Book Method.

The Bonninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method

Again, in some serious conditions such as advanced tuberculosis, we dare not give the indicated remedy because it is too deeply active, and we must give a remedy that will meet the conditions of the patient but not stir too deeply the enfeebled vital energy. This is something we are not always in a position to judge when we are selecting the rubrics for a repertory analysis ; it is a matter of judgment in selecting the remedy from the similar group brought out for analysis.

Of these remedies only Nit. The location, sensation and condition are not enough ; the concomitant must be added, that peculiar or accidental feature which always exists in every totality, in both patient and remedy, by which it is differentiated from every other case or remedy. This work necessitated much traveling, and later his appointment as one of the General Commissioners kept him traveling throughout the provinces almost constantly.


There was acute pulling pain in the left trigeminus nerve, accompanied with marked flushing of the face, with profuse sweat on head and chest. In he married and went to one of the family estates in what later became western Prussia. This was particularly pleasing in that one of the specialists at a well-known Eastern university had given a prognosis of an eight to ten weeks’ run theraeputic fever inasmuch as “nothing could be done” for these cases.

A repertory has two definite purposes: There must be a storehouse for the parts. For example, under “Orbits,” rhus has been elevated to the very highest rank.

Rubrics that might have been listed under the chapter on Sensations and Complaints are:.

Aggravations According to Time II. We find under truly objective symptoms: We find Salt-Rheum, for instance, listed under the section on Ulcers. He must be able to see through the confused and scattered symptoms and fragments of the symptoms the outline, at least, of the remedy ; bkenninghausen he must find means also to fill up boenninghauen vacancies, supplying the missing links, and combine these fragments so as to make one harmonious whole. Jain Group of Companies.

Of the 24 rubrics used the following remedies ranked: Vaccinated at 11 years ; injections four years ago and allergic treatments with mixed pollens.

Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook

Or when we have worked out a chronic case, and all possible benefit has been secured from the remedy selected as the simillimumwe sometimes have occasion to consider a related group of remedies that will carry the patient to a complete cure.

Thus we find that one of the strongest criticisms is overcome by careful case taking, and by giving attention to the philosophic construction of the book. We have spoken of the method boenninhhausen reaching the totality, from the numerical point boenninghauen view, in the repertory analysis. In the second section, “Parts of the Body and Organs,” there is as much condensation boejninghausen possible, because the tendency of the whole work is to have one part examined critically by the others ; however there will be found in this section symptoms for example, face, cough which would be vainly looked for in other works.