(xvi) application of the Workmen’s Compensation Act. (27 of ). as The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and. The Building and Other Construction Workers Act is a social welfare Workers ( Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act. Home >> The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, (27 of ) >>.

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Payment of additional fees and amendment of register etc. Provided that such Government shall not grant exemption under this rule unless it is satisfied that such exemption would not adversely affect the safety, health and wealth of the building workers. Also, in a meeting of the Committee of State Labour Ministers constituted pursuant to the decision of the 41st Labour Ministers’ Conference held under the Chairmanship of the then Union Labour Minister on the 18th May,a general consensus had emerged on the need for the proposed Central Legislation.

Display of notices of wage regarding date of payment of wages. Excessive noise, vibration, etc. Gear for suspension of scaffold. Although the provisions of certain Central Acts are applicable to the building and other construction workers yet a need has been felt for a comprehensive Central Legislation for regulating their safety, health, welfare and other conditions of service The State Governments and Union Territory Administrations have been consulted ID the matter and a majority of them have favored such a legislation.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

Test and periodical examination of lifting gears. In the absence of such information, it is difficult to fix responsibility or to take any corrective qct. Such Regional Labour Commissioner Central shall be the authority appointed under section 3 of the Act.

Formwork, false work and shoring. Application of provisions of this Chapter to certain classes of building workers.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

Provided also that in case where the Inspector, having jurisdiction, is of the opinion that owing to the size, design material or frequency of use of any such chains, rings, hooks, shackles and swivels, ruels requirement of this clause for annealing is not necessary for the protection of building worker, he may after obtaining the approval of the Director General, certify in writing to such rrules that subject to the conditions specified in such certification, such chains, rings, hooks, shackles and swivels are exempted from such annealing and thereafter the provision of this clause shall apply subject to such exemption: Provided that the Central Government may, if it is satisfied that such member was prevented by sufficient cause from attending three consecutive meetings, direct that such cessation shall not take place and on such direction being made, such member shall rulss to be a member of such Committee.


Beams, floors and roofs. Serving of tea and snacks at the workplaces. Provided that in any meeting of such Committee less than six members are present, the Chairperson of such Committee may adjourn the meeting to another date informing members present and giving notice to the other members bovw he proposes to dispose of the business at the adjourned meeting whether there is prescribed quorum or not, and it shall thereupon be lawful for him to dispose of the business at the adjourned meeting irrespective of the number of members attending.

Provided that the truck or trailer employed blcw transporting freight containers are of the size sufficient to carry the containers, without overhanging and are provided with twist locks conforming to national standards, at all the four corners of each of such truck or trailers and such truck or trailers are certified for such anf by an authority under the relevant law for the time being in force and is inspected by a responsible person, at least once in a month and record of such inspection is maintained.

Knotting of ach and wire ropes. Provided that a combined register boce wage-cum-muster-roll in Form XVIII, annexed to these rules shall be maintained by the employer where the wage period for such building worker is a fortnight or less. Provided that this rule shall not apply,— a where the platform of such scaffold is supported with two independent suspension wire ajd at or near each end of such platform so that in the event of failure of one of such suspension wire rope, the other wire rope is capable of sustaining the weights of such platform and its load and prevent it from tilting; or.

Storing of oil and fuel underground.

bocw | Acts and Rules

Use of internal combustion engine. Supervision by a responsible person. Inspection and maintenance of pile-driving equipment. Provided that the requirements of this clause shall not affect any building worker and so long as his presence in any place of work is not in the course of performing rulez work on behalf of his employer and he is not expressly or impliedly authorised or permitted by his employer to do the work; and.


Slipping, tripping, cutting, drowning and falling hazards. Qualification of operator of lifting winches and of signaller, etc. Health and safety policy.

In order to regulate the employment and ruels of service of building and other construction workers and to provide for their safety, health and welfare measures the Building and Other Construction Workers Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service Ordinance, Ord.

Stacking of cement and other material bags. Fencing of motors, etc.

Provided that where the appointment of the successor of any such member has not been notified in the Official Gazette on or before the expiry of the said period of three years, such member shall, notwithstanding the expiry of the period of his office, continue to hold such office until the appointment of his successor is notified in the Official Gazette.

Loading of lifting appliances and lifting gears. Scaffold used by building workers of different employers.

Lifting and carrying of excessive weight. Stressed and tensioned elements. Such equipment or means shall be in accordance with the national standards.

Provided that such person shall not be compelled to answer any question or give any evidence tending to incriminate him. Muster-roll, wages register, deduction register, overtime register and issue of wage books and service certificates. In view of the urgency attaching to the actt and as Parliament was not in Session, the President was pleased to promulgate the Building and Other Construction Workers Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service Third Ordinance, Ordinance 25 ofon 10th June, in order to give continued effect to the legislative protection envisaged in the said ordinance.