Blutaparon is a genus of flowering plants in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. They are Blutaparon portulacoides · Blutaparon rigidum, extinct; Blutaparon vermiculare, Central America, south-eastern North America; Blutaparon wrightii. Anti-inflammatory activity of Blutaparon portulacoides ethanolic extract against the inflammatory reaction induced by Bothrops jararacussu venom and isolated. Phytochemistry. Jan;53(1) A methylenedioxyflavonol from aerial parts of Blutaparon portulacoides. Ferreira EO(1), Dias DA. Author information.

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The venom of the snake B. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ciencia e Cultura Sao Paulo 41 However, in most cases, scientific proof of their antiophidian activity is still needed. Herbaceous plants of annual and permanent growth are established predominantly in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions.

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Annals of Botany 3: Edema blutaparom peaked one hour after injection of B. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationships of immunoglobulin therapy for envenomation.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. These data corroborate the results of Barbosa et al. The following other wikis use this file: In blutaapron experimental model, the crude extract presented trypanocidal and leishmanicidal activity in vitro, and also antimicrobial activity Mast cell degranulation induced by two phospholipase A 2 homologues: Effect of irrigation level on sap flow, relative water content, and photosynthetic rate during bulb development stage of garlic plants.

This result corroborates previous studies showing the ability of Bothrops venom to induce edema 24, 38, Antihemorrhagic, antinucleolytic and other antiophidian properties of the aqueous extract from Pentaclethra macroloba. The literature reports the presence of infiltrated of PMN and MN after the injection of myotoxic PLA 2 from the venoms of Bothrops nummifer 53 and Bothrops jararacussu 54 in skeletal muscle of mice, and after intrapleural administration of myotoxins isolated from Bothrops jararacussu venom and Bothrops pirajai Skeletal muscle degeneration and regeneration after injection of bothropstoxin-II, a phospholipase A 2 isolated from the venom of the snake Bothrops jararacussu.


Male, Swiss mice g 45 days old were used through the experiment, randomly divided into six groups of five animals each.

Phospholipase A 2 myotoxins from Bothrops snake venoms. The local effects caused by B. Differential leukocyte counts were performed on stained Instant Prov. Lyophilized crude venom of Bothrops jararacussu were supplied by Dr. Economic and medicinal plant research; Blutaparon portulacoides Uploaded by berichard. Neutralizing effects of Brazilian plants against snake venoms.

The extract portulacoieds significantly inhibited the induced leukocyte influx caused by BthTX-I. The differential leukocyte portulacoiees in the peritoneal vlutaparon six hours after the i. However, the leukocyte migration caused by the venom and BthTX-II was not inhibited by the plant, probably due to the different mechanisms involved in the edema formation and leukocyte influx.

Evaluation of Paw Edema Fifty microliters of sterile saline containing 0. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. The following other wikis use this file: In Brazil they occur mainly in the Atlantic bush Vegetal extracts constitute an excellent alternative source of novel antiophidian agents. Bothrops jararacussumyotoxins, inflammation, edema, Blutaparon portulacoides.

Blutaparon – Wikipedia

In this study, we examined the anti-inflammatory activity of B. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. July 8, Full paper published online: Ethnopharmacology and Western medicine. Effect of crotapotin on the biological activity of Asp49 and Lys49 phospholipases A 2 from Bothrops snake venoms. How to cite this article.


We also evaluated the capacity of the myotoxins to induce an influx of leukocytes. The left hind paw received an equal volume of sterile saline alone and served as control. Comparison of the neurotoxic and myotoxic effects of Brazilian Bothrops venoms and their neutralization by commercial antivenom.

Inhibition of the lethal and myotoxic activities of Blutqparon durissus terrificus venom by Tabernaemontana catharinenses ; identification of one of the active components.

A methylenedioxyflavonol from aerial parts of Blutaparon portulacoides.

Are macrophages the body’s alarm cells? From these investigations, it may be concluded that B. Dose-response Curve To determine the optimum dose of B. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Antiophidian properties of the aqueous extract of Mikania glomerata. Rosmarinic acid, a new snake venom phospholipase A 2 inhibitor from Cordia verbenacea Boraginaceae: Blutaparon is a genus of flowering plants in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae.

Effects of portulacoidex extract of Casearia sylvestris Flacourtiaceae on actions bljtaparon snake and bee venoms and on activity of phospholipases A 2.

However, the migration induced by the venom and myotoxins was not inhibited by the extract, probably due to the fact that different mechanisms are involved in this event and in edema formation.